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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The Shinnecock Tribe reached an agreement with the Interior Department which it feels will earn it federal recognition by December 15.

Once federally recognized, they would immediately have the right to build a “Class II” casino on their 800-acre reservation, a designation that would mean they could have thousands of video slot machines, but no table games.....

“We’re surrounded by the wealthiest communities in the country, yet the state of affairs on the reservation is one of offhanded neglect,” said Frederick C. Bess, one of the Shinnecock Nation’s three trustees. [NY Times]
However, the notion of slots in the Hamptons has long been unpopular there; and besides, the tribe has bigger game in mind in the form of a full-blown casino.
Among sites that have been discussed as possible locations are the Aqueduct and Belmont raceways, and the defunct Shoreham nuclear power plant - though all discussions are considered extremely preliminary. [Newsday]
Well, we all know that by December 15, the construction of the Big A racino will be well under way! Right?? Of course, for all we know about the closed-door process, the Shinnecocks may already have a hand in one of the bids.

- You may have noticed on NYRA's homepage, wedged neatly between an ad for an upcoming handicapping contest and Andy Serling's mug, a banner ad regarding NYRA's auction of land plots surrounding the Big A, which is scheduled for June 10. Click on the photo for a closeup, and you'll see that most of the lots are vacant. And that is of concern to Ozone Park residents.
But people who have lived near the Aqueduct Racetrack are worried that the open space, which will go on the auction block June 10, will be replaced with rows of new housing - putting more stress on the local infrastructure in Ozone Park.
New homes could worsen flooding problems, he said. It's unclear whether there's enough power to supply new residences.

"We have real concerns about this quiet little area that is going to be changed forever," [Sen. Joseph] Addabbo said. [NY Daily News]
According to the piece, some residents were led to believe that they would get first crack at the lots; but a NYRA spokesperson said that they are not allowed to give preference to any buyers.


Anonymous said...

In which bid for Aqueduct could the Shinnecock be lurking? Marian Ilitch owner of the MLB Detroit Tigers and NHL Red Wings, is funding the Shinnecock litigation through an entity know as Gateway Funding. As I read it, if the Shinnecock ever get the right to do something that makes money, then she gets a cut. Last I looked, most casinos make a few bucks, and she is a lifelong entrepreneur, so with mega-money at stake, it figures.

Governor David Paterson, Sheldon Silver and Malcolm Smith could sweeten the pot at Aqueduct with other casino games, award it to a legitimate contestant from this round of bids regardless of the Shinnecock's Interior Ministry determination due by December 15th. If the tribe gets it's unappealable Federal recognition by July 2010, then see how much their backers want to gamble by building a competing Class II parlor out on the East end of Long Island with a full scaled facility already cranking 1 hour away in Queens.

Meanwhile the thoroughbred racing and breeding interests continue to suffer, the facilities continue to crumble, and initially they were designated the sick patient that was to be cured by these gaming cash infusions! Come on NY, make the intended patient feel better, maximize revenue for the school kids, and if the Shinnecock need some help or guidance, offer them your wealth of expertise and resources. But whatever you do, don't get held hostage by a group of claimants being funded by some out of state opportunistic interests intending on taking advantage of the war the Shinnecocks are waging.

Anonymous said...

These must be the land parcels that the NYRA asked the bankruptcy court permission to sell and the state capitulated. if so, they are secured by about $18 million in IRS claims, so other than getting some of the tax debt paid, the NYRA receives no "cash" benefit.

Is this a forced sale by the IRS or something the NYRA is doing voluntarily to pay down debt?

Anonymous said...


What's the scoop on the Aqueduct delay as reported by Post in TTimes today?

Alan Mann said...

Anon - Thanks, just seeing that now. It's really not anything new I don't think. I don't think anyone in his/her right mind expected a decision until at least the end of the legislative session.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to today's Franchise Oversight Board meeting. the webcast is available for a short time by clicking on the Windows media button to play. Bottom line, no NYRA auditor approved and still information missing from the NYRA. don't know what to think of today's revelations.

Alan Mann said...

>>Here's a link to today's Franchise Oversight Board meeting

Awesome, thanks for the headsup! And to think I thought I'd have nothing to watch tonight with the Mets and Yanks both off!

Anonymous said...

Link on last post doesn't work. try this one.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, cut and paste of NY Franchise Oversight Board meeting today doesn't seem to work. for those that want to view, go to Franchise Oversight Board meetings and follow links for today's session.

Now that the NYRA's ongoings are still being scrutinized, I am curious as to Charlie Hayward's comments tonight at The Parting Glass in Saratoga where he intended to speak about the VLT operator selection delays.

Alan Mann said...

That last link which was posted worked for me.