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Saturday, February 19, 2005


- The guy from Dish Network is here and with the addition of HRTV and the apparent impending return of the NHL, I won’t be needing to leave the house much in the near future. However, Dish Network is a different technology than Direct TV, and instead of the simple dish swap I had anticipated, there’s a major ordeal going on here with extensive drilling and cabling on two floors - I can’t believe what’s going on here!. And there’s only one guy here, no wonder they’re cheaper! This could also cost me a trip to the Big A, as the Head Chef is cooking up a storm for a client and given permission to flee. As of right now, I’m stuck here waiting for this installation, which is taking forever, and everything is disconnected so I neither TVG NOR HRTV! This better be good.

- A poster on Derby List makes an excellent point about the Sam Houston superfecta payoff:

Instead of creating a false impression about the size of the payouts by making the bet size $2....why wouldn't the track ballyhoo the fact that someone won $9 grand on a 10-cent bet; and, that superfecta handle was up 50 percent as compared to the previous Thursday night, February 10? Those seem to me to be huge facts; the kind of results that would have most racetrack managers drooling--great results from both a customer and a management perspective. Instead, they taint it with an exaggerated claim and make no mention of the bet's inagural success.