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Saturday, February 26, 2005

No Cheating in Florida

- It’s serious business to mess with a horse race in Florida, where jockey Larry Mejias was arrested when found with a buzzer before a scheduled ride at Tampa Bay Downs on Thursday. Check out the charges filed against him:

Mejias was arrested and charged with two felonies - one count of cheating; one count of attempting to arrange, conniving the results of a horse race - when a Hillsborough County Deputy spotted an illegal device in Mejias' left hand. [Tampa Bay Online]
Cheating? That’s a felony in Florida? For one thing, I guess it doesn’t apply to presidential elections; and secondly, does that mean that a SWAT team would descend upon Pro Players Stadium if cork was found in Carlos Delgado’s bat? More seriously, do trainers there get led away in handcuffs if they have a drug positive? Isn’t that an attempt to connive the results of a race? I’ve never read of anything like that, but if this guy was, the question would have to be why not?