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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Barbaro's Condition Deteriorates

- From the beginning of Barbaro’s ordeal, doctors warned of the danger of the Derby winner developing laminitis in his good hoof. Dr. Larry Bramlage told the NY Times today, “Laminitis is usually the terminal event for any horse that has had a severe orthopedic surgery."

And now those fears have been realized. Dr. Dean Richardson said that it’s "as bad a case as you can get," and called his prospects for recovery “poor.” If there’s any good news here, it’s that the horse still appears comfortable.

"He nickers, he's eating well, he has excellent G.I. function, his temperature is normal, his heart rate is good, and he is capable of walking around his stall.” [Bloodhorse]
Nonetheless, the dark clouds over the sport that had largely dispersed through two months of good news are gathering again, and just as the action is about to move to the usually euphoric meetings at Del Mar and Saratoga. Barring what would now seem to be a miraculous recovery, they may linger for quite awhile.