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Thursday, July 20, 2006


- Not much to say about Highland Cat's miserable effort on Wednesday. He was dead on the board at 10-1 and showed nothing, dropping back early and staying there, finishing 10th.

Bill Turner hinted at physical problems when he said afterwards that the horse will do better at Saratoga, where he can train on the kinder grass course. Perhaps he'd do even better at a track where the competition is of lower quality. Like Isiah Thomas, Highland Cat has been given one season - in this case, the one at Saratoga - to turn things around drasically. Otherwise, "decisions" will need to be made. Anyone interested in an extremely cute riding horse may want to stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Well, he'd always have a place out here! ;)

Anonymous said...

Bring the Cat on down to Md./Va.,where the turf racing is frequent and class is broken down to manageable levels.