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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Did You See That??

- I know I'm a bit late with this, but did you guys (and girls) see this from Thursday? I was in the Jim Dandy bar at Saratoga and this guy who was watching it was screaming "WHOA! DID YOU SEE THAT?" So while the 5th was going off at Saratoga, I was watching the replay of this, and it certainly worth my time.

Jockey Orlando Mojica told the Evansville Courier Press:

"Everything flashed in my mind. Do I go right. Do I go left. Do I stop riding. Do I keep riding.

"So I just kept going. The umbrella missed me but hit my horse. I am very lucky. Every rider is very lucky. It could have been bad. We are blessed."
The race chart read as follows:
"Adriatic Lady, never far back, advanced four wide into the stretch, was just off the winner for the last eighth and was steadied sharply about the sixteenth pole when an umbrella from a grandstand picnic table was blown open and over her and her immediate pursuer. New Rochelle gained the lead near the inside, managed a narrow edge until nearing the final quarter, lost it to the winner, then was steadied behind the umbrella nearing the sixteenth pole when it flew over the head over her rider."


Anonymous said...

The grainy texture of the print gives the photo a Monet resembence and the umbrella adds a New Yorker sense of humor to the circumstance!
If this was a cartoon(thankfully no one hurt),what would the punchline be?

Joe Danaher said...

It almost looks like the rider has the umbrella "attached" to his horse", reminded me of the farmer on the tractor out in the field on a hot day with the umbrella to provide some shade! What a pic!

Anonymous said...

Caption should read: "Once again Marry Poppins stops by the track to place a wager, but fails to secure her umbrella - chaos ensues"