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Monday, July 24, 2006

Racing Saratoga

- Well, I'm leaving for Saratoga tomorrow afternoon, yikes! And the Head Chef won't be joining me until Sunday, so I'll be all alone, but with a million things to do. Here's what's going to be happening around here.

I'll be doing some reporting for the Saratoga Special, Sean Clancy's almost-daily paper which is published and sold on newsstands locally. It's also distributed for free on the backstretch.

And I'll be blogging. But most of my Saratoga posting will be over here at a new blog, Racing Saratoga. So please bookmark that site, and check it out. It's up and running now, though there's still a couple of kinks to work out. But it looks pretty great, I think, and I think it's going to be quite a lot of fun.

The contributors will include some of the other excellent bloggers in the TBA, and some of the writers from the Special; I'll have more details on that soon. So we'll actually have professional writers lurking about. I'll do my usual thing there, writing about my betting exploits, taking a detailed look at some pedigree stuff, especially in the two-year old and turf maiden affairs, keeping tabs on trainers, and trying to pick a winner or two. Plus, with my new reporter status - and knows, perhaps a press pass! - I'll be able to score some real quotes instead of stealing them from newspapers.

And I'm very happy to announce that the Head Chef will be making her blogging debut. She'll be providing local dining recommendations, and sharing some recipes based on fresh produce found at the twice-weekly farmer's market.

And somehow, I'll be a regular Josh Marshall and manage to come back here to my original site for news and non-Saratoga material, as well as when I get really pissed off and want to curse and stuff.

So, please bookmark the site, check it out, tell your friends, post it in chat rooms, spread the word. Then, maybe we'll sell some ads and I won't have to charge for Left at the Gate this fall!

So, we're up and running at Racing Saratoga; please check it out. (And just kidding about the pay site. Though if I don't score a real job after this...)


Anonymous said...

Better get the name right: Sean Clancy.

Alan Mann said...

oh, fuck...

Anonymous said...

...have a great meet, Alan...