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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fog Rolls In

- Did you see those last three races at Aqueduct today? Or rather, did you not see them? I've seen fog before, but there's usually a point at which they emerge from the fog. But today, as they approached the wire, especially in the 8th and 9th, they looked like those creepy shadowy things that came and took the bad guy away at the end of Ghost. Durkin couldn't even call the winner in the 9th. "Here they come aaaaaaaaaaaannnneeeeeeeeiiiiiii-I'm not gonna tell you, I can't say, I just couldn't tell ya."

You can't even see Half Ours win the 8th on the replay; the fog was so thick that the camera missed them going by. "I think the 7 horse won, but I just don't know." The margin was a neck over City Attraction in 1:10.4, with my selection far back. Is he still worth $6.1 million? I think that's a big bet on this horse; he almost has to win a Grade 1 in order to justify that, and that's no sure thing. Nonetheless, I guess it was an impressive effort; the chart says the he "dug in gamely and held on."

Of course if there was Trakus at Aqueduct, we would have known exactly where the horses were. I suppose it will be a sign of progress when the fog race is a thing of the past, and we're standing and screaming at little colored chiclets on TV. Would the track announcer then do a call of the race based on watching the action on Trakus?