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Friday, December 08, 2006


- Jerry Bossert of the NY Daily News also wants to know why Empire Racing is revamping their bid in public long after the deadline has passed.

The decision by the committee is not binding. It still has to be agreed to by the Legislature and Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer, but it should be clear that Empire's new bid shouldn't be allowed. A deadline is a deadline.

Should NYRA, which finished last, also get a chance to redo its bid?
Gee, I'm glad there's someone in the mainstream press who's paying attention and finding this all very annoying! A spokesperson for Empire responded to Howard Wolfson's "do-over" statement from yesterday by saying:
"This race is just beginning and Mr. Wolfson's misleading characterization of the process is an insult to the Legislature and Executive who will be making this important decision."
The only entity being insulting here is Empire; they are making a mockery of the entire process, which was laid out carefully and specifically. Just because it didn't go their way, they are re-writing the rules to suit themselves. They are the ones insulting the committee members who labored over the details of the three proposals and came to a reasoned decision. And they are insulting the intelligence of the public with their misleading and false statements. Perhaps they should hire Don Rickles to be their next spokesperson.