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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wah Wah It's Not Fair!

- Empire Racing continues to try and win through a PR campaign what they couldn't on their presentation to the Committee on the Future of Racing. Yesterday, they released a sleep-inducing statement on their corporate integrity program. Today, it's another press conference, this one on their plans to create the "Kentucky of the Northeast."

I wonder what they would have done if they'd won the recommendation! Having lost, they've acted like a spoiled 12 year old who can't accept not getting what they want. First, it was sophomoric bluster - the statement in the name of Marylou Whitney which included the threat: I know many will choose to race elsewhere....myself included. Oh yeah, I'm SO sure they'll skip out on the purses here once slots get going. Ha!! Another statement followed, this one in the name of ex-Governor Hugh Carey, who they previously falsely claimed successfully fought to maintain live racing at the Saratoga Race Course. Then they falsely labeled Excelsior as a "dog track operator."

Finished stomping up and down, the group has taken the high road for now, and let us know exactly just how great their proposals are. And maybe they are. Problem is that the majority of the members of the committee thought Excelsior's was better. In any case, it would certainly be nice if the committee would release the details of the proposals as they said they would so that we can all decide for ourselves.