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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Belmont Outlook Uncertain

- The general wisdom is that a Republican hold on the NY Senate Majority on Tuesday would help to maintain whatever momentum there may currently be for a slots parlor at Belmont. Current Majority Leader Dean Skelos is a strong proponent of the games, and represents parts of the surrounding communities. Governor Paterson probably wants them too, in my mind; but he did not explicitly say so in his statement this past week about "developing" the site.

However, I think what will happen post-election is up in the air. The enmity between Paterson and Skelos has reached the point where one might wonder if the two would be able to work together on that, or any other issue should the GOP prevail. Skelos went as far as to say that Paterson was "more partisan" than Eliot Spitzer...."From what I can remember, Spitzer helped do some TV ads," he said, noting that Paterson is traveling around the state to campaign for Democratic candidates.

The governor did just that on Saturday, appearing in Buffalo on behalf of embattled incumbent Senator William Stachowski, and hopeful Joe Mesi. He's scheduled to make two appearances on Long Island on Sunday.

On the other hand, if the Democrats pick up the two seats they need (and a new Siena poll on Sunday is supposed to cast some light on the key races), then Paterson can take ownership of the matter himself, cite the desperate nature of the state's finances, and perhaps convince Senate Democrats to go along in the immediate glow of achieving supreme state dominance.

Of course, no matter what happens, there's that slight Shelley Silver problem.

Newsday endorsed the Republicans in the two races that Paterson will involve himself in on Sunday. The influential Long Island paper tabbed Senator Kemp Hannon over Kristen McElroy in SD-6; and in SD-3, it recommended 82-year old Senator Caesar Trunzo, despite lamenting that his nearly four decades in Albany have given him a jaded perspective on what it's possible to accomplish there.


Anonymous said...

Remember, Spitzer wanted to demolish Aqueduct and make Belmont the Taj Mahal of NY. Paterson has done nothing thus far on racing and gaming to differentiate himself from Spitzer. Following this logic, my guess is that Paterson will push for Belmont gaming regardless of who wins the senate majority.

Anonymous said...

E Spitzer

do not talk about me

Anonymous said...

So sorry former Governor Spitzer. Just repeating the facts as they were presented during your reign. Too bad you fell into the "booby" trap that night in D.C when you had earlier in the day sanctioned the NYRA to run NY racing, permitting the notorious organization to continue to influence the subsequent VLT determinations. DelNorth, NYRA's favorite at Aqueduct for the blue collar player; and Wynn, Mulrow, Fields, Vornado and the rest at Belmont for the true entertainment destination. You must have taught Governor Paterson well as your program and players appear to be in place, meritorious or not.

Anonymous said...

Can I be a fly on the wall at the next Paterson/Silver confab, especially if Belmont's the main course? That could be very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Silver's no problem as long as Patricia Lynch gets what she wants. Just use Aqueduct as an example of this statement. Lynch works for all of the critical partners of teh DelNorth Aqueduct team including the newcomer Don Peebles, the Florida hotel/condominium conversion salesman. With former Spitzer guy Dopp on her staff, plus factoring in her lobbying efforts on behalf of Vornado Realty Trust, the development and gaming at Belmont has an odds on favorite in components of the old Excelsior Racing team. Not very fair to the others, but in keeping with Albany's shady dealings.

Anonymous said...

If you love conspiracy theories, this one's a beaut. All of the posturing could still be about teeing it up for Excelsior to emerge from the shadows with the golden goose, AKA, Belmont. Only in NY, kids, where politicos stomp in the bat guano and believe they still come up smelling like roses, fooling everyone. Those of us with keen noses know better.

Anonymous said...

Man.... just read this blog string 3 times, and even if you believe only a litle, undo all racing/gaming awards and let's have a complete do-over! Might as well get it right.