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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Md. Campaign Gets Whack

- The pro-slots group For Maryland For Our Future released a web ad attacking Comptroller Peter Franchot for opposing the Question 2 referendum. Interspersed with positive claims about the measure (most interestingly, "the most tax payer friendly piece of slots legislation in the the entire United States") and a rundown of unions in support, are those now well-familiar grainy black and white shots of the target so familiar in negative campaign ads. In this case it's Franchot, who not only supported slots in the past, but, according to the ad, favored plans less favorable to education than the current proposal.

I think this is why the anti-slots groups were leery of Franchot's involvement in the first place, fearful that his past and future political aspirations would be a potential distraction. The fact is that the Comptroller's position has nothing to do with the important issues at hand. Cut out those portions of this ad, and you have an effective, if arguable factually, statement of the case for slots.

Meanwhile, slots opponents found new hope in a Zogby poll which, in stark contrast to the Washington Post poll showing that voters strongly favor slots, actually showed the no vote winning by 47.5 to 44.6 percent. Then again, on Saturday the same outfit also came up with some kind of tally showing McCain up by a point. So those Zogby guys must just be fucking whack. Right?


Anonymous said...

So, whaddya think, Lefty? Pass or fail? -- J.S.

Alan Mann said...

Seven-to-one cash advantage too much to overcome. It's slots, going easily, in front.