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Monday, November 03, 2008

Hunch Bets for Monday, November 3

Cant Stay Gottarun 3rd at Beulah
Outside Looking In 6th at Mountaineer
My Legacy 7th at Suffolk
Truthbetold 9th at Philly Park
Right On Track 9th at Finger Lakes
Trash The City 3rd at Mountaineer
Open Warfare 2nd at Turf Paradise
Move Over Boys 2nd at Portland Meadows
Foroncenmylifetime 9th at Mountaineer
All Eyes On You 7th at Zia Park


Patrick J Patten said...

I was hoping for a full list of Obama. Disappointing ;-D

Anonymous said...

Saturday at 1pm WWJ(CBS) in Detroit reported that Subprime had won a mile race at Aqueduct(Thurs) and paid $6.30. How much coverage can racing get?

ljk said...

I'd think this story has to be the hunch bet for Cant Stay Gottarun

Alan Mann said...

I just got myself out of jury duty last week! Wasn't quite that creative though.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Ted Steven's will be forced to later utter the remark (with due respect to comedian Lewis Black) "If it hadn't been for that horse, I never would've gone to jail", however I doubt there are IHOPs in Alaska ;>

steve in nc said...

Some sad news in addition to Obama's grandmother dying (I was hoping she'd have been able to hang in there to see a victory speech):

Spring Awakening, the Broadway show which won more Tony awards than I could count last year, is closing next month. Kind of like the filly of the same name (owned by one of the show producers), the show is brilliant and was dominant last year, but couldn't sustain this year. Full disclosure, I have a relative in the show. But it is really worth seeing, so do it while you still can.

Some lines from a song, sung by one of the teens in the show, while set in 19th century Germany, are a fitting epitaph for the Bush era, on election eve:

"All that's known of history and science,
Overthrown, at school and home by blind men.
You doubt them, and soon they bark and hound you,
And everything you say is just another bad about you.
All they say, is trust in what is written.
Wars are made, and somehow that is wisdom.
Thought is suspect, and money is their idol,
And nothing is OK unless it's scripted in their bible...
Still I know, to trust my own true mind,
And to say there's a way through this..."