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Monday, June 18, 2007

Beulah Twins Banned

- I just got this email from

Dear Advertising Partner:

With the recent change in ownership of to Churchill Downs Inc., the Beulah Twins may no longer be used in conjunction with advertising

If you are using banner ads featuring the Beulah Twins in conjunction with the Advertising Partner Program, I kindly request that you immediately remove those ads from your site. Attached is a round of ads that you may use in their place. We will update the existing advertising page with this round of ads and others that do not feature the Twins.
This advertising "partner" had been carrying that ad against my sense of good taste for a few months in the desperate and ultimately futile hope that some whale would click on it, open an account, and churn tens of thousands of dollars through the account, thereby allowing me to finally earn some significant money for my efforts on this site. And in the meantime, it's been nothing but free advertising for WinTicket, a convenient arrangement for them which I will no longer be providing for Churchill Downs. [Note that is making a contribution to Old Friends in exchange for their ad above the Blog Standings.] So this is what I have to say to Churchill Downs and their ongoing efforts to impose their will on the entire advance deposit wagering industry in this country:




Patrick J Patten said...

Same email, it's such a crock, no one in their right mind is going to look at that link, and then open an account. it's not a impulse kind of buy.

Brett said...

Post of the week

Anonymous said...

alan, you're the best.

Anonymous said...

Katie or Jenna?

Bank Check

Anonymous said...

Did u see them last year on the Beulah signal? It's probably best that they have less "exposure".