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Monday, June 18, 2007

George Washington Returns

- Having failed at stud, George Washington (Danehill) returns to the racetrack on opening day at the Royal Ascot meeting. His last start was his sixth place finish in the Breeders Cup Classic; prior to that, he won the Group I 2000 Guineas-G1(ENG) and Queen Elizabeth II Stakes.

'I think he's been back about three months, something along those lines, he behaves very well back among the rest, but it was about a month before we introduced him back in to the main string,' said [Aidan] O'Brien.

'He's good and at the moment we are very happy. So far he hasn't shown any signs of temperament."
'He's good. We think he has matured, we've been very happy with him and he is behaving very well.'[RTE Sport]
His temperament was a problem at two and three, and he'll no doubt be tested by the usual kind of taunting a colt hears from the other horses when he fails at stud.
"Hey, Georgia Washington, what happened?"

"Look who's back. It's Martha!"

"Hey George, why are you carrying all that extra baggage around if you're not going to use it?"
Locker room humor can be very cruel.


Brett said...

Gorgeous George is back at Ascot and will probably put on a brilliant performance again. What a rattly good horse that George Washington is.

Also I was away for a bit sorry to here about your dad.

Late Scratch said...

Hey, go easy on ole poor GW. After all, he was put into a situation where he could disappoint not just one but a HERD of females.

Anonymous said...

Ok stupid question coming up: if crazy George can be ready to race three months after attempting to cover dozens of mares without being too studdish to race, why can't horses' racing careers and breeding careers overlap? Would it be possible to have a 4-5 month breeding season, 3 months to get ready to race, and another 4-5 month racing season? - Alex