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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Emily Litella Returns

What's this I hear about Magna melting Greenland's ice? Ruining Gulfstream wasn't enough, now they're contributing to this terrible global warming? Aren't they already making everything hotter with all that horse doo-doo? What if the water levels rise and flood their tracks, and they don't even have Polytrack? And why did they have to fire that nice man in Maryland? Who's going to feed the little horsies their crab cakes now? There won't even BE crabs in Chesapeake Bay if they keep melting the ice! Imagine, horses being starved to death! It's outrageous, how do they....

Huh? What's that?

Oh. Well, that's completely different then.

Never mind.

Gilda's Club


trakgal said...

Alan, That is hilarious! I just read it out loud to the hubby, accent and all...

suebroux said...

So ... when you're not writing or playing the ponies, nor toiling as a financial consultant, you're channeling Emily Litella. Quite the multi-tasker! Impressive.

Love it!

(Gilda was the best!)