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Thursday, March 27, 2008


- TVG to Telecast Dubai World Cup

(thanks to reader Mitch.)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! A big thanks for passing this along.

Glad to see that Simon will be part of the broadcast crew. Corey Nakatani will have some insight although he's no Jerry Bailey in the broadcast studio ;>

Anonymous said...

Also noted that will carry it on-line live too, although there is a catch. Your ISP has to be affiliated with ESPN.

Comcast in Chicago, for example, isn't so no dice here but I have TVG so I'm happy.

quote: "The service is available to fans who receive their high-speed Internet connection from an afilliated service provider. is available in nearly 23-million households nationwide."

Anonymous said...

According to one article I read TVG thanked the Dubai Racing Club for their efforts.

I have a feeling TVG may have some high contactts and used them...

So much for the supposed fall of would seem to me if HRTV and TrackNet want to fight, TVG seems up to the task.

Michael said...

Blah -- I have both channels and will watch it on HRTV if it means I get international coverage and don't have to deal with Schrupp.

Anonymous said...

If can get any more complex, per the DRF the race will be aired on ABC Sports.

DRF 3/27/08

quote: "Post time for the first Thoroughbred race is 9:40 a.m. Eastern in the U.S. The World Cup is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Eastern and will be broadcast on tape delay at 2:30 on ABC. The races can be seen live on HorseRacing TV and TVG."