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Monday, December 15, 2008

Miracles (Sometimes) Happen

- Here's one that did:

Meanwhile, at around the same time at Aqueduct, Rap Tale needed a miracle with a furlong to go to get home in the Ladies Handicap, but Bills' coach Dick Jauron was otherwise occupied. Maybe if she had Shaun Ellis to elbow the competition aside like he did to Langston Walker on his way to the end zone. However, exhausted from her effort in leading to that point and disposing of favored Sweet Goodbye along the way, Rap Tale was done. And no, she just couldn't hold on to that treasured show spot, getting nailed by Julie B as she staggered across the line (her final quarter in 29 seconds). The winner got home in 27.52, and if you want to know why they won't be running this mile and a quarter stakes race anymore, just take a look at that final quarter, both on paper and on tape. Final time of 2:07.30 aint pretty, though I'm sure it was spectacular to the connections of winning Borrowing Base. Just as the 31-27 final score is to Jets fans.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Kerry Rhodes best tackle of the year, of his own teammate in the end zone.

Just prolonging the agony, the Gods of Football clearly made a last minute decision to torture we Jets fans another two weeks, waiting for Chad's arrival to pull the plug on a Mets like collapse.