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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Odds and Ends

- Quick!! - Who won the Breeders' Cup Marathon?

- Table games in Pennsylvania are just a matter of time.

- The rookie stud class of 2009. (Oh, and this guy too.) War Pass, at $30,000, has to be the joke of the group.

- Far too little, too late.

- A new Quinnipiac University poll shows that, by a margin of 48-25, New Yorkers think that Governor Paterson will select Caroline Kennedy to replace Hillary Clinton. Y'know, I admit that I was wavering there for awhile, but, after the events of the past week, I'm now convinced more than ever that those 48% are dead wrong. Since Ms. Kennedy's much-ballyhooed hire of Josh Isay to run her "campaign," we've had the upstate tour during which she held nary a press conference and generally declined to answer questions (except for a grand total of 11 according to the NY Times), refused to release any information regarding her finances, and, in the absolute height of audacity and arrogance, had a spokesperson respond to written inquiries via email. If I were the editor of the Times, Politico, or the Buffalo News, I would have told them to stick those responses where the sun don't shine.

I find it hard to believe that Ms. Kennedy's handlers really believe that the Palin strategy is the appropriate one here. Is she really paying this guy for this? Or perhaps he's being compensated from somewhere else? We've been told that Isay is close with Andrew Cuomo and Senator Schumer, and that he wouldn't have taken the gig if they were opposed. But his approach seems so ill-conceived, that I can't help but wonder if those two are paying Isay to sabotage her! He's certainly doing a good job of that if nothing else.

- Racing resumes at the Big A on Friday. If you'd like to get a head start, check out the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance site for some free BRIS past performances. Click on free pp's in the left hand margin, choose Aqueduct, be patient, and viola! These pp's are magically compiled from all of the various trainers' and breeding farm sites who carry them for their runners or sires, and every race from Friday and Saturday is available except one. Get them now before it gets shut down!

- One of the many shocking aspects of the Jets collapse is that the team is totally healthy. How many other teams can say that? Certainly not the Seahawks! In my mind, injuries and schedule strength are two of the most, if not THE most important factors in an NFL team's success or lack thereof; and it's unlikely that the Jets will have things go their way in those respects again anytime soon.

Turns out that us Jets fans were being far too optimistic to think that we'd see Chad Pennington eliminate us on the last day of the season. Instead, it's quite likely that it will become apparent from looking at the out-of-town scoreboard around half-time that it will be the home team trying to play the spoilers' role. If that's the case, you can expect a lopsided final score, and the always obnoxious Dolphins fans who regularly help fill Giants Stadium taking over by game's end. Hopefully, they'll be some snow for Shaun Ellis to throw at them, because I'll be long gone by that point.

Yeah, they still have a shot, but I don't think it's premature to express astonishment at the turn of events. We'll be reading a lot of I-told-you-so's with respect to the Jets' decision to get Brett Favre, but personally, I will never regret it. With all due respect to Chad, this team had no upside with him at QB, and they surely would have endured another bland season of anonymity in a Giants' town. Instead, if even for a fleeting moment, the Jets electrified the city and, though in what seems very likely to be in an ultimately perverse way, provided a season which will be remembered for a long time.

And soon, it's back to the drawing board...

- My Christmas wish list? To not read anymore Christmas wish lists....


Patrick J Patten said...

Hmm I'm not sure whehter to say thanks for the link to the TBA website or tell you to stick to the horse racing (Snark)! ;-D How are we friends? I'm Giants-Devils, you're Jets-Rangers. It must be the Yankees.

Alan Mann said...

>>It must be the Yankees

Certainly not your handicapping prowess!

Anonymous said...

IN PA politics, Bill DeWeese has lost his credibility, so table games and "slots in a bar" will certainly fall on deaf ears. based on the public's knowledge of DeWeese's backers, he is probably obligated by receipt of their PAC money and lobbyists donations to make some noise on this issue.

El Angelo said...

Always disagreed with the Favre trade because there was no great upside. This team is at best a 10-6/11-5 squad. So why bother?

Patrick J Patten said...

like you should talk!

Anonymous said...

bub, why the hostility towards Caroline?
I can't wait til you end up eating your words. She is a lock. Obama wants it, the Kennedy's want it, Paterson doesn't need any more battles.
Funny who a scion of one of the great American families isn't "entitled" only elected officals with the "experience" of flushing our economy down the drain and enabling Bush for 8 years shoudl be considered.

Anonymous said...

Alan, thanks to you and tba for the christmas present!

While reading your Jets comments I heard an odd noise from the other room, it was my puppy choking on the Jets logo she had chewed off my favorite cap.


She is ok, the will not be missed for some time I fear.

Alan Mann said...

>>Funny who a scion of one of the great American families isn't "entitled" only elected officials with the "experience" of flushing our economy down the drain and enabling Bush for 8 years should be considered.

Fair point to be sure.

>>like you should talk!

I'm taking a beating here. Just watched the Rangers piss away a 4-0 lead too.

Alan Mann said...

>>While reading your Jets comments I heard an odd noise from the other room, it was my puppy choking on the Jets logo she had chewed off my favorite cap.

Glad the little pooch is OK!! Better keep her away from those Jets We're Number One fingers on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

So, Alan, Anon, et al, what is the current line on each of the Senate candidates? Is Caroline even money? The others? Anon says she is a lock so may be 3-5 in his book? This is more fun than picking rock bottom claimers, isn't it? Will Camelot come through for one "Last Hurrah"?

SaratogaSpa said...

It appears to me getting Favre was like grabbing a good horse who dropped down to the claiming level-and then of course the horse never runs a good race for yer'.

Alan Mann said...

Favre did show a little early speed, but he ain't exactly finishing strong!

Anon 9:46 - I'll work on a line, it'll give me something to do!

Gene Kershner said...

Muhannek (cuz it was the only winner i had all day) LOL

I find it ironic that the Jets (if they take care of biznaz) will need a second gift from my Bills to win the division. It tis the season though.....

Don't hold your breath, we've won one game agst the Pats this decade (opening day 2003).

Alan Mann said...

Personally, I give the Bills a better shot at winning on Sunday than the Jets.

Anonymous said...

On one level, I agree with you Alan that it's wrong to 2nd-guess the Favre signing -- he gave this team a different feel than it would have had with Chad. But there was a cost in adding him: the team seemed to have been built to support the running game (ie. offensive line additions, Richardson...)and then they got away from that a bit with Favre. Look to last weekend: the Giants, even behind, remained committed to running the ball while we threw way too many straight-down-the-field passes when we should have been pounding the ball. That, to me, is the true casualty of adding Favre.

In a similar vein, the Rangers don't seem to grasp the necessity of continuing to pound the puck -- getting the puck deep and sending 2 guys deep like the Sharks do, to make it difficult for the opposition to come up the ice. But we can talk about that another time.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of jokes on that stallion list in this economy!

Majestic Warrior at 20k jumps out at me, and who is Seeking The Dia at 10k?

The lower priced stallions will be lucky to get 20 mares this year, if they are sound they have more value on the track than the breeding shed. Geld them and send them to a VLT track.

Same with females, unless you have a graded winner, best use right now is on the racetrack, may see some F&M races actually filling this winter.

Value to be had only the older proven stallions if you have the cash.

Anonymous said...

The Brett Favre claim may have not worked out, for this barn.

How much you want to bet he makes a sudden return to form for his next owner, the Vikings?

The last QB to leave the Jets stable has certainly improved for his new connections.

ballyfager said...

You won't read anything negative about Mrs. Schlossberg in the NYT. There are rumors about her and the dipshit that runs that organization.

Anonymous said...

did i miss something? why is street hero retired?

Anonymous said...

Breaking the holiday boredom: How about a contest for worst Christmas newsletter received by a LATG reader? There is a radio talk show in Boston that has a contest every year and it makes for great fun. You know how these works of art go: Nigel received his $10 million bonus despite the bad year at his firm, Bernard Madoff Investment Securities, Peaches spent another blissful summer on Nantucket..... blah, blah, blah.....Alan can award his hunch bet of the year to the winner! Or, at least he can post his Top Ten Holiday Wishes, an amusing LATG feature which has been absent of late.