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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No MOU, No Kennedy

- Paul Post reports from the Arizona symposium, where NYRA president Charles Hayward appeared on a panel, that a Memorandum of Understanding between and amongst the relevant parties involved in the Aqueduct racino has still not been signed.

“They’re just working on finalizing language and details,” Delaware North spokesman Glenn White said. “We’re still looking at early 2009 to start construction; early spring at the latest.”

Delaware North met with state and NYRA officials at Aqueduct last week to discuss the project.
White said that Delaware North is still finalizing its development, construction, and budget timetables. Partnering agreements are also being worked out and the company is beginning to secure construction contractors, he said. [Thoroughbred Times]
Given the history of this endeavor along with current market conditions, I'll consider that part about 'early spring at the latest' as a definitive statement that we won't see any construction until racing moves to Belmont. But hey, why should I be suspicious, just because the economy has fallen apart, and development deals are being canceled left and right? And exactly when is the state going to raise that $250 million in construction costs in a morbid municipal market?

- I'm pretty confident that Governor Paterson doesn't need to read this post from Daily Politics on How Not to Pick a Senator. Illinois ex-governor to be Rod Blagojevich makes ex-governor Eliot Spitzer look like a genius in comparison, and shows us what a real criminal governor looks and sounds like. There's a slight similarity in the circumstances in that in both cases, federal prosecutors stumbled upon the transgressions while looking for something else. But, other than the fact that they're both foul-mouthed Democrats, the similarity ends there.

Paterson has to be privately seething over the pressure being applied by friends, relatives, and supporters of Caroline Kennedy in the matter of Hillary Clinton's replacement. It has to be an unanticipated development in what already has to be an unwanted distraction for the governor in light of the budget crisis, and the problems the Democrats are having solidifying their numerical majority in the State Senate. The idea has apparently already caught on with the public, at least according to a Marist College poll which indicates that 25% of NY registered voters favor Ms. Kennedy's selection. That's tied with the support shown in the poll for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Personally, I don't think either of them will end up being the one - Cuomo's chances are slim, and Ms. Kennedy's absolutely none in my view. No way in the world that Paterson gives in and selects a woman from downstate with no legislative nor campaign experience whatsoever. And I don't think that Cuomo wants the job. Paterson told the NY Daily News: "He indicated to me that he has some things he's working on....He's not really sure if he could be available." After four years as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in Clinton Administration II, and in his current stint as the most powerful state attorney general in the country, Cuomo, who will certainly someday be the Governor of New York, is used to running the show, and I just don't see him as harboring ambitions to be a junior senator from New York.


Anonymous said...

Obama is pushing CK so her chances are better than none. In addition does Governor Paterson (who seems like he can't do anything right these days) really want to piss off the Kennedy Clan?
No matter who he picks, he's going to offend someone, but CK brings star power and money as is every bit as qualified as Hillary Clinton was when she ran.
The most unhappy person will be senator schumer who wants somebody who won't outshine him. He's been the Junior Senior Senator from New York ever since Hillary arrived (from out of state no less)so he pushing for an unknown New York Bred like Kristen Gillibrand.
So bottom line, if Obama really wants this to happen, Paterson will swallow his pride (once again) and pick her. She will serve seven full terms and two partial terms and retire when she is 97.
You really know nothing about politics.

alan said...

>> You really know nothing about politics.

Maybe so. But I know enough to know that Caroline Kennedy will not be Hillary's replacement. I stake my non-reputation on it.

El Angelo said...

I think Cuomo's a lot more likely than Kennedy on the theory that Patterson's looking to appoint someone who may run against him in 2010. That said, I think it'll be someone from upstate.

Anonymous said...

Look, Obama and the Kennedy/Shriver clans may have had something to do with the sudden appearance of Miami based developer Donahue Peebles on the scene in NY at the pending Aqueduct VLT project, either by influencing Paterson or then insider pal and Kennedy debtor Charles O'Byrne. Peebles is a big bundler of campaign funds for Obama, and a regular at the Kennedy/Shriver parties out on the island, and he suddenly shows up in NY?

On another note, who was Obama pushing to fill his seat in Illinois anyhow? Was it the same candidate #1 that the Gov was refering to in his rants?

Follow the money. You'll then see who pushes hardest.

alan said...

>>On another note, who was Obama pushing to fill his seat in Illinois anyhow? Was it the same candidate #1 that the Gov was refering to in his rants?

Reportedly yes, Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor. But Blago complained that they weren't going to give him anything other than "appreciation."

Anonymous said...

So Obama says "take her" and the crooked Governor says "I need money for the favor?" Wonder what Paterson got for facilitating the Peebles involvement with DelNorth on the Aqueduct VLT deal? Don't you just love political quid-pro-quos!

Anonymous said...

Good posts Alan. with the rumor mill in Albany saying that Delaware North doesn't have the $370 million to pay the state, and your observation about the state not being able to raise the $250 million in bonds to pay for the build out of the VLT parlor, me thinks that paterson, Skelos and Silver ought to get together and try once again to make this deal happen. I wonder if P.Post can get some follow-up comments from the Governor, Senate or Assembly on his TTimes piece you refer to? seems he only quoted the NYRA and DelNorth on the progress in Albany.

onecalicocat said...

The job of NY senator requires weekends in Schenectady and Utica talking about funding for local projects.
I don't think Caroline Kennedy wants any part of the grunt work.
The UN would have been a good spot for her.
Maybe something of a celebrity post like ambassador to the UK would suit her.

Anonymous said...

Never saw Hillary in those towns.

Matter of fact never saw her in "home" town of Chatagua either.

How long before that house goes on the market?