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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Grand Finale

It's funny how things work out in life sometimes. My mom decided that we would sit shiva for my dad through sundown on Sunday. So wouldn't you know that NBC would "flex" the starting time of today's climactic Jets game to 8:20 PM. So, early this evening, my brother, three of my nephews, my stepson, and I will make our way to the frozen Meadowlands for what should surely be the final game at Giants Stadium.

It all seems fitting, and brings far more than just this season, and this past sad week, to a conclusion. My dad became a season ticket holder in 1964, the team's first year at Shea Stadium; from Section 15 there, we were transferred to Section 216 at the Meadowlands, practically in the same exact spot relative to the field. And though we are retaining two seats at the new stadium, tonight will be the final time that the family will be able to attend en masse and all sit together. It will be a strange feeling for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that the wind chill factor is forecast to be seven degrees. (The way I remember it, there once was an unwritten rule that night games - even 4 PM games - were not scheduled in cold weather cities late in the season. This little bit of civility and consideration went out the window when the Pats hosted the Raiders in a playoff game in a snowstorm on a Saturday night in 2002. We've all been fair game since then.)

A truly heartfelt thanks to all of you who wrote in to express condolences (and I will get around to responding individually to those of you who emailed). I'm planning to resume regular posting this week, a time during which we're told that Governor Paterson will step to the plate and name an operator for the Big A. Ha ha, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

I have to share a silly childhood memory: when I was growing up in a very Catholic neighborhood (talk about juvenile misconstrued meaning), we thought when our Jewish friends were in mourning, it was to "sit and shiver."
So God bless you tonight, because there is no doubt your pop will be with you as you sit and really shiver watching the Jets at the BigM for the last time! Take care.

Anonymous said...

At least they came through for you.

Alan Mann said...

Anon 7:06 - Great story, thanks. I had so many layers on that I was actually sweating.

robin said...

Alan, I'm sorry about your dad's passing. I think the way you have tied your life's events together is poetic, rare, and poignant.