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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Deux Choses

The Head Chef and I are busy getting ready for a vacation in Paris (that's right, the week after the Arc), so I'll add that to the long list of excuses for the infrequent posting around here the last few weeks: our internet being down or intermittent after the storm (finally fixed a couple of days ago), being seriously ill with a bad case of bronchitis and asthma (and being really tired from the antibiotic I finally got to get over it). Don't know when I'll next post, so here's some comments on a couple of completely unrelated topics.

- I see via Railbird that Haskin is still whining that the public is owed a believable explanation, or any explanation for that matter as to why Rachel Alexandra was retired.

How can you not wonder what Rachel would have done had she not been retired, coming off three bullet works. Was she injured? Did she bleed? Were her feet acting up? Or did Jess Jackson simply wake up one morning and decide to retire her? As long as Jackson keeps the reason for her retirement to himself and keeps Steve Asmussen and Scott Blasi under a gag order, we’re always going to wonder. Her devoted fans deserved more. [Bloodhorse]
And a Railbird commenter adds:
Some of these connections, don’t seem to understand how we racing fans feel. That they are not their horses, they’re OUR horses.
Well, actually, the writer needs to get over that. They are not OUR horses. Jess Jackson owns Rachel Alexandra, and he has the right to do anything he wants with her (well, not anything).

Whatsmore, I don't really see where he owes anyone an explanation. And I think those who are demanding one need to move on with their lives at this point. The fact is, it doesn't really matter why he retired her. It's not important; after all, it's not like we're going to learn anything that will benefit the sport or the species (other than keep them out of the hands of egotistical owners like Jackson).

I think you can be sure that the decision to retire Rachel was made with what's best for Jess Jackson in mind, and not for the filly, who, as Haskin correctly points out, was training extremely well for whatever race she wasn't being pointed to. Jackson says that she deserves a less stressful life, which I guess means being herded into a stall and having her massive stablemate Curlin forced upon her without even an introductory glass of wine to loosen up; and then spending the vast majority of the rest of her life being pregnant.

I suspect that Jackson is the one who wanted a less stressful life. Maybe he's tired of being criticized and told how to campaign his horse by know-nothings like me; or maybe, with the Classic effectively out of the question, he was afraid for her legacy if she ran in races like the Distaff in which she really had little to gain. Well, of course there's the purse money, but what's the price for peace of mind? Whatever the reason however, and as selfish and ego-driven as it might have been, it's really pas de vos affaires; it's nobody's business but his.

- Carl Paladino now has nothing to say regarding his blurted-out accusations last week that Andrew Cuomo kept paramours. On Tuesday, he said of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver "“The man’s a criminal, OK?” And he added: "I have no intention of sitting down with Shelly Silver." Seems like a constructive way to run the state. He also said that Andrew Cuomo "should be in jail," and that he would "absolutely" prosecute him as governor. It seems like Carl just can't help himself. Even with fellow Republicans urging him to tone it down, he only appears to know how to dial it up to 11.

The Paladino campaign has set up a "debate clock" showing how many days Cuomo has declined to agree to a debate But I don't blame the Cuomo campaign for not wanting to lend their opponent the air of legitimacy that the debate format does. That might make Paladino seem like a serious candidate, when, in fact, he's nothing but a loudmouth, name-calling, blustering blowhard who, if he's not a racist, then he must be a moron for sending those vile emails along. Cuomo may very well be a far cry from the outsider he's trying to make himself out to be. And the tight control over his access goes a long way to enhance the "King Andrew" notion that he considers himself entitled to the position. But at least he's a man with a plan - 252 pages worth - and if it's not the radical change that the state government needs, at least it's a realistic, if incremental, step in that direction. Paladino has nothing to offer but the steam coming out of his ears.

You'd think that Cuomo would be ahead in the polls by more than he is, but it seems as if the "upstate" vote is roughly split. I guess I don't really know much about upstate, where is it exactly, somewhere near Texas?

And with that, au revior, bonne chance aux courses, et de vous parler bientôt!


Figless said...

I respectfully disagree, the voters are entitled to at least one debate so they can make up their own minds. I would understand your point if Palladino was a minor party candidate, but he is the nominated Republican candidate, winning by a large margin and he therefore deserves to be on that podium.

Refusing to debate just shows me Coumo is unfit to lead.

If he cant handle the fire, no matter how ridiculous and insulting the fire might be, then dont apply for the job in the kitchen.

Man up, go out there, keep things civil and present your 252 page plan to the people, if it impresses the electorate they will vote you in by a large margin.

Another case of arrogance without achievement. I mean, I could draw up a plan. What else has this guy ever accomplished to make him think he is entitled?

alan said...

I don't disagree with your disagreeing about a debate; just saying that I understand their reluctance from a strategic standpoint. I think Cuomo (who is running his own campaign according to the Times article last week) believes that all he has to do is let Paladino run his mouth off, and let his record, especially regarding the emails, speak for itself. And I think there's an element of truth to that.

ljk said...

Haskin is nuts. Rachel was HOTY and came back to try to repeat, or at least be a champion. She can't go 10f so the Classic is out. Therefore she has no chance at HOTY or older mare and was retired. It's obvious.

Jackson didn't say so to keep from insulting NYRA (the Beldame) and BC (The Ladies Classic). Truth is those races didn't mean enough to JJ to keep the horse in training.

Figless said...

Obviously Rachel has not been the same since the Woodward.

At that time, instead of claiming she needed a "rest", Jackson should have announced the injury, or whatever it is, stated that he wanted to do the right thing by the game by trying to bring her back, and that if she did he would run against Zenyatta but only if she was at the top of her game. Honestly is the best policy.

And then once that failed honestly told us the reason why.

Everyone would hold him in much higher regard if he would just be honest with the media and the fans instead of trying to keep everything under wraps, acting like Bill Bellichek.

Figless said...

Alan, Coumo is correct he is going to win regardless, this is NY after all.

I just believe he is making a tactical error because he will have a much greater mandate if he takes the case to the people.

If you want support for your policies you need to explain them to the people. not debating makes him look small and petty.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Rap Tale?

steve in nc said...

I'm kinda glad he retired Rachel just to take some air out of those endless, pointless RA vs. Zen debates.

Debates aren't always linked with an informed public. I thought Jon Stewart had it right about Crossfire. There are debates and then there are shouting matches where facts and logic are secondary to bombast.

And while I haven't followed NY's race at all, if Alan's description of Paladino is even halfway right, then I don't think a debate serves to inform the public. Sure, the right opponent with the right temperment could shred him. But when faced with someone making up and yelling crazy stuff, lots of good smart people can end up looking bad.

Alan, feel better and have a great trip. But don't stay too long. French food is overrated and way expensive (at least dinner is - baguettes & camenbert can go a long way). And we want you back in time to yak about the Breeders' Cup.

El Angelo said...

Agree on everything but that French food is overrated. Anywhere you can get a great loaf of bread, cheese and a bottle of wine for under $15 is a great place. And the pastries...and the duck...Paris rules, I'm sorry.

Figless said...

Enjoy the trip.

Very nice card at Keeneland Saturday, can Get Stormy win a Grade 1?

Anonymous said...

From Beyer's follow up article:

"Zenyatta now has to prove that she can win at the highest level of the sport."

Ummmm... Was this this fucking moron too busy stuffing the HOTY ballot box with Rachel votes to watch the Breeders Cup? Zenyatta was, as Discreet noted before, much the best versus the highest level of quality in the world championships. Who was this cocksucker's top pick? Read all about it here:

Mr Beyer: you are truly a fucking idiot, and you have egg all over your face.



Anonymous said...

Zenyatta won on her track and her favorite surface: synthetic, nothing more and nothing less. She faced no one of any significance in 2010. The delusion ends at Churchill.

Anonymous said...

Two jackasses, both running for New York State governor, trying real hard to replace another jackass. The inept and incompetent leading the blind.

Figless said...

For those dissing her schedule, which race should Zenyatta have run in this year in order to face a "significant" horse?

The Woodward? From which the winner emerged to lose to Haynesfield?

Should she have altered her schedule to face Rail Trip?

Should she have claimed to be 3yo so she could face off with Looking at Lucky (who has avoided older)?

Would I have like to see her run against males, say in the Pacific Classic? Sure.

But I just dont see what that would have proved that will not be proved one way or another on the first Saturday in November.

Stop bitching about her schedule and respect her for her record. You can put your money where you mouth and keyboard are in a few weeks.

Figless said...

PS- Z critics, I suspect your pockets will be empty and your mouth open but silent in awe around 7pm on November 6.

And we expect your mea cupla's in print if that is indeed the case.

You will have mine if she stinks up the joint.

ljk said...

One thing is for certain. he won't "stink up the joint". Can hardly wait to see.

Anonymous said...

The Pacific Classic would have been a good start. Or the Hollywood Gold Cup. Or anything against males. She's currently the Boise State of racing.

Anonymous said...

Anon pussy-

then Boise state is about to win the national championship. And it's not gonna be on a blue field.

Anonymous said...


Figless said...

Yeah, Z would have really enhanced her resume crushing Richard's Kid.

I would have like to see her face males, but reality is the only meaningful race she could have run in was the Woodward.

The California older males are abysmal.

Connection chose not to ship her east but she will get her chance to beat the same cast in the Classic so no harm no foul.

Anonymous said...

Zenyatta has never raced in NY and therefore is suspect. Period. I don't care how many races in a row she has won against the same, carefully chosen CA competition on synthetic tracks, the fact is she has not raced against the best in the Big Apple, and never will.

So now we will never know, and by design by the looks of it. These Hollywood guys sure like to carefully stage manage their appearances. Using the BC Classic as the be-all, end-all of racing championships is not serving the racing industry well.

Hey, Jerry, take a chance, take a loss, it never hurt Secretariat's reputation to lose some big races following the Triple Crown (including the Whitney Handicap and Woodward) and still go down as the greatest race horse to ever look through a bridle, did it?

DiscreetPicks said...

Goldikova has never raced in New York. Is she suspect? Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

LMAO. Wow.