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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to Resorts World

Hopefully, we'll never go there and hear this. (Can't find a clip of the John Candy line, please forward if you have it.)

Continuing this magical mystery ride, Genting insists that not only will racing be integrated into the racino, but that their building renovations will include the racing side as well. Those of you who have been to racinos at Saratoga, Yonkers, and Monticello know that that's not usually the case.

“The fact that they’re embracing racing as part of the makeover – a lot of the other companies a few years ago weren’t interested in doing that,” said Hal Handel, NYRA’s executive vice president and COO, who accepted the check. “So we’re going to walk out of this with a building that’s not only a world-class casino but is going to be a very different racetrack.”
“There might have to be changes in how people get into the building over a period of time when they’re doing the clubhouse lobby over,” Handel said. “We don’t expect to lose any racing days or expect to lose any training or have any problems on the track.” [Daily Racing Form]


Figless said...

Still waiting for the promised trackside improvements at Finger Lakes, they were supposed to modernize the stable area and add a turf course, I seem to remember.

Of course this was not Genting, but nonetheless I will believe the track improvements when I see them.

Figless said...

Does anyone know why Finger Lakes lags behind other VLT enhanced tracks in purse structure?

Yonkers is offering more in purses than Finger Lakes, why is that?

Assume it is a combo of high tax rates and low VLT handle, but the casino seemed pretty active the few times I have been there.

How is this relevant? Wondering if the NY VLT tax structure might also underperform at the Big A.