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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Fallout

- Here's an AEG-related ad that was rolled out by GOP Senator Jim Alesi against his Democratic challenger in the 55th SD, Mary Wilmot.

As is usually the case with negative ads, this one is deceptive and unfair in some ways. Ms. Wilmot, as she was not a senator (though an employee of the Senate Democrats), was not one of the persons named in the report as having a payment steered to her by AEG, as the ad infers. And the figure of $185,988 that flashes on the screen is the amount she's received in general campaign funds from the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. To imply that she should return that entire sum is rather ridiculous.

However, she did receive some $18,500 from senators names in the report; some other Democrats have returned such funds, and Ms. Wilmot probably should too. And besides, the Democrats have brought this trouble upon themselves, and it's totally fair for any Republican running for office to bring this pervasive corruption to the attention of the voters.

(With Senator Alesi comfortably ahead in the polls, the whole matter is probably moot anyway; and his ad is likely intended just as much for general NY audiences courtesy of You Tube and the Daily Politics blog, where I found it.)

'Ridiculous' also describes the Democratic response to the ad.

"Jim Alesi doesn't want to talk about creating jobs, lowering taxes, or reforming Albany; instead he is focusing on the flawed Aqueduct procurement process Joe Bruno created and Jim Alesi supported."
Tax Law § 1612, which established the procedure which gave the three men in the room nearly sole authority to select the racino vendor, was created under the auspices of Bruno, along with Governor Spitzer and Speaker Sheldon Silver, both Democrats. And, by the way, Bruno at least had the good sense to stand down on the franchise selection when his ties to Empire Racing became known.


steve in nc said...

It is really painful to see the way many Dems sell out for their own little financial stake in the system and undermine chance for real change. (No, my anonymous right-wing fans, I'm not talking about the president. I think he's naively tried to compromise and frittered away his mandate. Pushing for financial reform and pissing off Wall St. was hardly a road to riches for him.)

Many such Dems may get what they deserve at the polls next week. Unfortunately, that will mean we get what they deserve too. The BC will at least provide a good way to get absorbed and avoid listening to all the post election bull.

Figless said...

Steve, welcome to my world.

As a GOP supporter I witnessed my team blow their opportunity too, running up huge deficits instead of cutting spending as advertised, letting the Dems back in the door.

They are all scumbags, boths sides of the aisle, and simply can not help themselves.

I happen to agree with your view on Obama, he is a true believer and not in this for financial benefit, but from a different perspective.

His political naivety has cost him, but he was eaten alive by Pelosi and Reid not by the GOP.

He should have announced his healthcare and stimulus plans and used HIS mandate to get them done as HE envisioned, instead of relying on the legislative leaders and their minnions to write the damn bills.

He was too passive in the beginning of the process, and was never able to regain control.