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Friday, November 19, 2010

So Long

Zenyatta will be paraded on December 5 at Hollywood Park, where people will gather to clap for a horse. She'll then ship off to her new home at Lanes End Farm in Kentucky, so I guess she'll have to breed on natural dirt. Claire Novak writes on her NTRA blog: And this isn’t good-bye. But it surely is. That's just sappy sentimental shit. So long, see ya.

Maybe someday we will see an offspring of Zenyatta competing for glory, but history suggests that there's a strong chance that we won't. In the meantime, racing has a big void to fill. There are no obvious candidates (and don't tell me Uncle Mo) for the kind of stardom, spilling over into the real world, that this horse achieved.


onecalicocat said...

orIf Zenyatta is the model, I think they will be trying hard to breed horses with large hearts and lung capacity.
May not even be possible to create these kind of super horses. Secretariat had the huge heart as well and he was only so-so as a sire.

Watch Rogue Romance next year. Smarty's best yet.

El Angelo said...

We tackled this on our blog last year; of the 13 best North American fillies to race in the 80's, 90's and early 00's, only 3 (Dance Smartly, Heavenly Prize, Personal Ensign) did anything of note in the breeding shed. When it comes to being a broodmare, she and Rachel Alexandra are much more likely to be Sky Beauty than Toussad.

Anonymous said...

Make a giants causeways baby with her. Not that I know shit about breeding.


Anonymous said...

And she kinda seems like a lesbian anyways right?


El Angelo said...

Lookin at Lucky retired. That stinks.

Figless said...

Once again a perfectly sound racehorse retires as a "business decision". Even in a down market.

If Pegram and his parntners, who enjoy the game as much as anyone, even the travel to obscure tracks, can not resist the lure of a payday, even with all the decent older horses retiring, there is no shot we will ever see another good horse run long enough to develop into an iconic turf hero.

Except of course if a gelding could hold his form after winning the Derby, as the the also retired, with a lot less fanfare but much better record, Mine That Bird could not accomplish. And Funny Cide for that matter.

Not going to happen, so the powers that be need to figure out another way to market this sport.

Figless said...

PS - Zenyatta could go "cougar" and mate with LAL, decent pedigree cross, and he has a good family and plenty of heart himself.

Dont like Giant Causeway for her, selfish because it will likely result in a Turf animal.

An unproven mare should always be bred to a proven stallion, which would point toward GC, but they might not be able to resist a potentially big payday for a first foal by Curlin.

El Angelo said...

I would go with Medaglia d'Oro.