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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


- Joe Bruno is addressing the press now. You can watch the Senate live here.

Press Conference Live Updates:

- All of the senators from Long Island voted against the bill over Belmont.
- Bruno said that Spitzer could have done more to push VLT's at Belmont, and pointed out that this leaves a $250 million gap in his proposed budget.
- Bruno estimates that NYRA has another $259 million in debt, some of which will be forgiven, and some of which will have to be satisfied by future cash flow from VLT's.
- Bruno disputes the idea that Aqueduct and Belmont are too close to support racinos at both. He cited the fact that Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, two of the most successful casinos around, are within walking distance of each other.


Anonymous said...

It is very easy for the LI Senetors to do some sabre rattling when the bill passes by 39-17. If the vote was close, the LI Senetors would not want to take the heat for sinking the deal. This way, they can save a little face back home.

Anonymous said...

If you'd call 10 miles walking distance. I've seen Bruno. He ain't walking 10 miles.

Alan Mann said...

>>He ain't walking 10 miles.

Ha ha....I'm sure he'd dispute that! That was (almost) a direct quote, I was watching the press conference.

Anonymous said...

The vote is irrelevant. It's easier to vote 'neigh' when the outcome isn't affected.

Anonymous said...


I dont have the time right now to read through the bill, however, as part of NYRA's projections that came out last fall they included the gain from the sale of some Big A property. It was about $15M worth. Since they no longer are having a claim to the property who would get that money if the sale went through?


Anonymous said...

So, after all is said and done, Joe Bruno got it done, right? And he was only able to do it with solid votes from across the aisle. Well, that's politics, amigos. Now, has anyone had the chance to actually study this bill yet? At 190 pages it must be all we can expect this year. But does it address the underlying problems we all know need fixing? OTB is still out. No slots for Belmont so the Dowager Queen of urban racetracks will continue it's sad decline? Anyway, will look forwardto the post mortems as the dust settles over the next few days. /S/ Green Mtn Punter