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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Morning Notes - Feb 21

- Back home in NY with my dead laptop in tow; merely a hulk of useless metal, plastic, and circuitry. But interestingly, I found online a whole community of aggrieved HP Pavilion users who had suffered the same exact problem - a computer that ran insanely hot before crashing altogether. They said that the heat burns out the video card. There were mixed signals on whether HP is acknowledging the problem, and if, and for how much, they can fix it; I'm waiting to hear from them.

But I suppose it's time to move on. Thanks to the reader who mentioned the Mac Book, which is actually what I'm on right now; I'd mistaken it for an IBook, what do I know? This is certainly a fast little machine, and the idea of running Windows on it concurrently is intriguing, even if it sounds rather unstable. Another reader emailed to say that he's found that Dells are very dependable from his experience of lugging laptops around on the road for many years . Problem there is that they currently come loaded with Vista, and Formulator doesn't run on that...

Anyway, the timing is particularly awful, as I'd been compiling a musical playlist on the HP for the I need to do something really soon. I guess you'll know when I do when the volume of posts picks back up.....

- Why Tonto will stick to the turf. But the Toddster has a handy excuse for Cowboy Cal, who will press on to the Derby.

Cowboy Cal...emerged from the race with a "sore gluteal muscle in his left rear," Pletcher said.

"That probably explains why he wasn't cornering so well on the turns....He'll probably jog for a week or 10 days. I think we're still in good shape to make the Blue Grass," the Grade 1 Kentucky Derby prep on April 12 at Keeneland. [Daily Racing Form]
- I'd written here about how Pompano Park was clearly the best performing of the Broward County racinos, but it seems that all is not rosy even there, even though its revenues continue to exceed both Gulfstream and the former Hollywood Dog Track combined [pdf]. Management says they will cut purses by 35% and slash the racing schedule by two days a week.
Pompano has a $2.7-million purse overpayment “that cannot go any higher,” and needs to hold purses to $12 million for its 2007-08 meet, Steven Wolf, the track’s senior director of racing operations, said in the e-mail.

The changes are “outrageous,” said Jeffery Schneider, an attorney who represents the FSBOA. They are part of what FSBOA considers Pompano’s effort to de-emphasize live racing and focus on the slot-machine casino it opened in April 2007, he said.

“Their card room is doing better than expected, their simulcast is doing better than expected, and their slots play is more than the other two combined,” said Schneider, an attorney with Miami law firm Tew Cardenas. [Bloodhorse]
The horsemen at Pompano have been operating without an agreement with the track regarding a specific percentage split of revenue; the track dedicated a flat $12 million to purses for last year, and is instituting the cut in order to maintain that amount. A civil suit filed by the horsemen requiring a percentage of revenues is pending in court. With a move afoot in the state legislature to cut the state's share of racino revenue from 50% to 35%, perhaps the track is making a Jeff Gural-type play for legislative relief. A meeting between the parties is supposed to take place within a few days.


the chalk said...

Hey Alan,

They all have the same issues on the PC end, there is no such thing as dependency. Take it from someone who worked at Dell and Microsoft. Read my mind, don't do it. Go with the Mac.

Formulator, read my mind on this one too...

Anonymous said...

Interesting "Cowboy Cal...emerged from the race with a "sore gluteal muscle in his left rear," Pletcher said."

Wasn't the exact same said about The Green Monkey by his folks?

the chalk said...

Here is something interesting to add to the point by The Bloodhorse

"The incidence of soft-tissue injury went way down," reported Dr. Joe Dowd, who practices primarily at Hollywood. "At one point we certainly saw a spate of right hind condylar fractures, which was quite odd, but it was a short window of time. They made some changes in the track, and we don’t see those anymore."

I can tell you there is a correlation between muscle and soft tissue injuries leading to condylar fractures.

Superfecta said...

I have to echo Glimmerglass about The Green Monkey; is this now Pletcher's stock excuse?

I'd also vote for a Mac -- even with a spouse who used to work there. I can't say the same for my HP experience.

Anonymous said...

He's got a sore ass? Probably came from getting it kicked...

Anonymous said...

Something else occured to me re: Mac...I've owned many over the years. In my line of business (video writing and producing) I turn over my laptops every 2.5-3 years and have always been pleased at how well they hold their value when I go to sell them.

Not to mention the cool factor.