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Sunday, February 17, 2008


- My laptop has died; it's an HP Pavilion ZD8000. It's not unexpected, as I've been nursing it along despite a host of problems since before the Breeders' Cup. It runs so hot that I have to prop it up with something so that it gets air and doesn't shut itself down. And it's only around 2 1/2 years old. Even though I've quite obviously used it a lot, shouldn't it last longer than that?
Perhaps I can use the software restore CD to start it up when I get home. In any event, I'm getting a new one, and if there are any computer experts with advice, please email me privately. But for now, I'm sharing a little Mac with two teenagers and the Head Chef, so what was an already lightened vacation schedule may get a bit lighter..


Superfecta said...

When I worked at HP, they couldn't get me a working printer or a laptop that lasted more than about 6 months. Nice editing suite, though!

Michael said...

My Dell lasted about 18 months, I wanted a Mac but I will never spend more than $5-600 for a computer again. I replaced my Dell with a Toshiba Satellite that I purchased on sale at Best Buy last 4th of July. It works fine, is light and keeps a decent charge. Although I hate Vista (and wish I'd bought the Mac).

You're lucky that today is a holiday, there are decent sales for Presidents Day if you buy one from Best Buy/Circuit City/etc.

Anonymous said...

gee your laptop is dying does that mean we can't get your hunch plays for this week............I'm going to miss them