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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trouble in NYRAdise? (continued..)

- As Michael commented here, it figures that, not long after even the cautious Racing Form goes with the NYRA, legislature reach agreement headline, the agreement may have run into trouble.

Of course, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise given all the false starts, especially since the end of the second temporary extension just happened to coincide with the last day before the legislature quits for vacation until Feb 25. NY law requires that a bill be "printed and upon the desks of the members, in its final form, at least three calendar legislative days prior to its final passage," unless the Governor issues an emergency decree that it must be acted on immediately. So what has to happen in this single day before the adjournment, is that the big three agree with NYRA, which they apparently have; the NYRA board approve it, which they reportedly have, Spitzer issue his decree, and then the two legislative houses have to vote and pass it. So, it would only take a tiny minor hitch to hold up the whole process. According to the Journal News blog, what is happening is that some Senators are objecting to the cost of the package, or bailout if you will; and some Long Island legislators are peeved at the lack of slots at Belmont. “The community wants it very badly,” said [Republican Assemblyman Robert] Barra. “They want it for a total revitalization. They want it to be Saratoga south.”