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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Breeders Cup Day

- I imagine I haven’t made many friends in the UK with my selections for today. The only European horse I picked is Karen's Caper, and I don't know if that even counts since she ran at Keeneland in her last. Good results for the invaders are widely expected over there, and Ladbrokes offer just 6-1 against three winners for the visitors, though four or more is 25-1. That’s a pretty big difference of opinion; I think most of us here would be quite surprised if the Europeans win three of these.

They’ll be a lot of differences of opinion on the races today; even a favorite like Lost in the Fog will have plenty of opponents amongst the bettors. I can handicap these over and over and come up with different winners each time. The bottom line is that there are a lot of really good horses that are all capable of winning, and racing luck is going to play a large role in determining the outcome. So my advice is to find some live horses at nice prices, don’t go crazy, have fun, pool some money with friends for some multi-race bets, hope for a little luck, and just experience and enjoy the day. (A triple or two would be nice though.)

- Jay Cronley of writes It's Saturday night after the races. So how do we get our money back?

Penn National.

I'm looking for a cheap claiming horse over from Philadelphia Park that got obliterated and is running for the same tag, suggesting a big win here.

Talk about a full day.
- Have a great day and good luck!

- Feel free to email me with questions, comments, links or suggestions.


Anonymous said...

...sorry i couldn't get this up sooner guys, been real busy...coupla noteworthy reports from my clocker, who's very, very good...

WILD FIT (Oct 23, 113.1): Average finish with Solis drifting out midstretch, under pressure in 48.3, 113.1. Hard to like based on this move. Grade C

BROTHER DEREK (Oct 15, 100.0; Oct 22, 115.2): Has looked super since Norfolk win, striding out like a rapidly improving young prospect. Think this one will fire his best shot. Grade A-

Anonymous said...

...hey, how about that Shirocco???... 8^)

...on an unfortunate note, Brother Derek ran 4th @ odds of 56/1, with my top selection Stevie Wonderboy winning the race, and ultra-logical Henny Hughes and First Samurai running second and third...the $2 super paid about seven grand, and i didn't bet the damn thing...unreal... last thing...there's a first-timer in Race 5 @ Santa Anita today named Bright Bobby (6/1 ml)...should run very what you want with it, but no guarantees...suffice to say i like him a lot...

...hope you guys did real well's been fun reading all the Breeders Cup stuff on here...nice site Alan, well done...

thecalicocat said...

was that artie schiller or the reincarnation of fourstardave -- minus migliore -- winning the mile? my only winner, but i love that horse.