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Friday, April 03, 2009

Best Saturday Ever?

Best Saturday ever

The seven events you can't miss - PAGE 34
So it says on the cover of this week's Time Out New York. And as I was turning to that page, such is my naive hopeful nature that I have to admit that the thought that, just perhaps, one of those events would be the Wood Memorial, popped into the back of my mind (and stayed right there). Guess I'm still a dreamer. I mean, there's no doubt that Saturday's 11 race card has to be more worthwhile than Passover in Pasties or Yuri's Night NYC!



Handride said...

That looks like the REAL Wood Memorial.

Glimmerglass said...

It's not like dozens and dozens of organizations aren't working feverishly to promote their events. My guess is that NYRA's marketing folks (if there is such a person) just assume they'll get recognized - like this is 1977 or something.

By comparison Keeneland's Spring Meet couldn't be more heavily covered locally from tv to the college press. That didn't happen by accident.

Apples and oranges, I'm sure with the Big A and Wood some will say.

True in Chicago (like NY) the Illinois Derby isn't going to draw the packed in hip crowd Keeneland will but at least they've been promoting that race day significantly in partnership with the local NBC affiliate.

Teresa said...

For what it's worth, NYRA is promoting the Wood through its new partnership with MSG+. I saw ads during last night's Rangers' game (ugh). Their ads on websites have also, for the last week, focused on the Wood.

Is it great, blanket coverage? Nope. But it's something.

El Angelo said...

The Lexington area lives and dies by Kentucky basketball and the Keeneland meets. By contrast, the Wood is being run right when the Mets and Yankees are beginning their seasons, and this year, in new ballparks. And let's not foret about the NCAA tournament and winding down of the NBA and NHL seasons, to the extent anyone cares about those sports. There's just no way racing can even try to compete with that.

forego is my witness said...

Sadly, one of the downfalls for this year's Wood is the fact the field isn't very exciting.

I'd go so far as to say there isn't one 3-year-old who's got any star power this year....

Anonymous said...

Only the fastest three year old since 2006, per Ragozin, whom everyone else is ducking.

The Derby winner is running in Queens Saturday, be there or be square.

Anonymous said...

Today's Selections;

Wood - IWR keyed over Lime, Bernie and Cellar Dwellar.

Bay shore - The Captain, easy.

Carter - Ah Day, runs them down Ahgain.

SA Derby- Chocolate Candy throws the West Coast Division upside down, Pioneeer and moves too soon to engage Pample and the SF invader mows them down with big wide move.

Ashland - NAN upsets Stardom Bound in the latter first trip East. She was best in her last, and will prove it today.

ILL Derby???? - No confidence in true puzzle.

Not as much speed as usual but you can bet it will materialize from somewhere based on past history.

Rail is usually golden and Zito has won this race so Nowhere To Hide, who will be forwardly placed this time, is the tepid choice.

Going to box him with the FG graduates Giant Oak and Free Country and throwing in the only two horse with local wins, Toccet Rocket and Knight Shot underneath in exotics.

Toss Musket Man, switch to overrated Coa a big mistake by rookie trainer on the trail.

Anonymous said...

I was right about plenty but wrong about Coa, who rode Musket as well as anyone could. Perfect trip to a 40-1 start in the Derby.