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Monday, April 06, 2009

Where Have I Read That Before?

Joe Drape reports in the NY Times this morning on the incident involving Jeff Mullins and Gato Go Win prior to the Bay Shore at Aqueduct on Saturday. And while he adds that the trainer was actually observed administering the substance, Air Power, to the horse, the article is rather striking in its similarity to the original reporting by Ed DeRosa in the Thoroughbred Times. It repeats the claims on the company's website, and reported in the original piece, that the drug cannot be tested for, and also notes, in only slightly altered language, the 2005 incident that led to Mullins' notorious observation - “If you bet on horses, I would call you an idiot,” - that he made to LA Times columnist TJ Simers. And unlike a short piece on the incident in the LA Times this morning, the NY Times gives no credit to the Thoroughbred Times for breaking the story. And though I personally missed the original sequence last week and therefore won't comment myself, I did read some bloggers complain that the Times similarly pilfered the story on the Paranack mares from the Paulick Report.


Wcorb19 said...

Paulick was indeed on this initially...Paragallo claims he did not know anything about it & when told, he immediately took action...sure.

Love you blog - very insightful. If you ever take a racing vacation to Hot Springs, let me know. It'd be an honor to host...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the NYT's new motto should be "All The News We Can Steal, Fits"