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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Odds and Ends

Of the 8700 layoffs of state employees announced by Governor Paterson, six are from the Racing and Wagering Board. So if New York is serious about stepping up its efforts to clean up the game, it will have to do so with less manpower.

- The state took over New York City OTB last June, and the operation continues to lose money according to the NY Daily News.

"We really need to reexamine it," said Sen. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn), chairman of the Racing & Wagering Committee. "Is it they're not making money or are we overtaxing them?"
Does Senator Adams really need to ask that question?

- With Monticello Raceway having been reported to be on the brink, and with Louis Cappelli's plan to relocate the track at a lavishly rebuilt Concord on hold due to economic conditions, Cappelli and Monticello owner Empire Resorts announced a new deal late last month to keep the current racetrack open....AND proceed with a somewhat scaled down Concord project which would also include a track and racino. So, let's get this straight. The area is having trouble supporting one racetrack and slots parlor (the only one in the state to see a gambling decline this year), so instead, they'll have two just a few miles apart. Only in New York. The Times Herald Record reports today that the St. Regis Mohawk tribe, rebuffed in their efforts to build a full-blown casino at the Monticello track last year, are prepared to give it another shot.

- Republican Jim Tedisco, who resigned from his post as Assembly Minority Leader last week, leads Democrat Scott Murphy by 17 votes - from over 154,000 cast - in the latest tally on the 20th CD special election posted on the NY State Board of Elections website. Despite a report that renowned Republican dirty trickster Roger Stone was spotted at Tedisco's HQ, both the campaign and Stone deny that he's involved (yuk yuk).

- The Rangers took full advantage of a tired and injury-depleted Montreal Canadians squad and posted a well-earned 3-1 victory here at the Garden last night. The Broadway Blueshirts can earn their 4th consecutive playoff berth with a win over the Orange Crud at home tomorrow night. Much-maligned captain Chris Drury gave the home team some breathing room with his second tally of the night.


Anonymous said...

(6) out of how many at the NYSRWB? At the racetracks or in Albany desk jockey positionsm perhaps even from the Bingo division? Would like to know theses answers.

The state should sell to some well regarded international bookmaker and let them come in and run the NYCOTB. No more patronage, no more wondering whose swiping the cash, just an effectively run bet taking operation.

Anonymous said...

I guess the cheats that have a D next to their name are OK with you. By the way Alan the dems wanted to deny time for military absentee balots. Typical of your side. How did you like the dems that just met with Castro. They were really impressed with how great things are in Cuba.

alan said...

If I'm not mistaken, I believe that the Dems merely wanted to start the counting immediately whereas the Repubs wanted to wait until all of the absentee ballots arrived. Not really sure what the point was, but the court ruled in favor of the Democrats.

By the way, both sides are contacting absentee voters and asking them who they voted for, so that they know not to use their challenges against those particular votes. That strikes me as reprehensible - a mockery of the concept of the secret ballot which is at the very heart of our democracy.

And so what if lawmakers spoke to the Castro boys? Obama was elected on a platform of engagement rather than confrontation when possible. Sometimes you guys seem to forget who and what the people voted for rather overwhelmingly in November.

steve in nc said...

Bigger news than the silly partisan snipping. Serious stuff on Paragallo...

Anonymous said...

WOW, quite serious! Hard to imagine the NY Breeder's organization not catching this situation sooner. In other states, random spot checks are made at the farms to be certain that the resident mares that are claimed to be there actualy are. It protects the integrity of the state bred program and it certainly would have led folks to see what problems might be on the horizon at Paragallo's farm. isn't Barry Ostrager a board member at both the breeders and the NYRA? Barry must be outraged at the negative press for both organizations.

Anonymous said...

steve, thx, that is some story on Paragallo, what an ass.

Glad someone filed a complaint, hope he goes to jail.

In any case, his career as a horse owner/breeder seems to be over.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point on the NY Breeders, they are supposed to do random spot checks, and the farms on which I board have indicated they do indeed show up mostly unannounced.

So who signed off on Paragallo's joint? Need to know name (s).

Reminds me of the NYC employee that "inspected" that crane in Manhattan just days before it collapsed.

Anonymous said...

Another Odds and Ends---maybe more of an End !

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan - they did more than speak to the Castro boys. They came home with nothing but praise for the dictator. Is this your kind of leader? This is what dem Barbara Lee said: "Former President Fidel Castro is very engaging, very energetic," said CBC Chairwoman Barbara Lee, also a California Democrat. " I guess she has no concern for the myriad gross human rights abuses perpetrated by the Cuban government or the tragic fate of hundreds of Cuban democracy and human rights activists

You wrote "By the way, both sides are contacting absentee voters and asking them who they voted for, so that they know not to use their challenges against those particular votes. That strikes me as reprehensible - a mockery of the concept of the secret ballot which is at the very heart of our democracy." Am I to Assume you are against card check since you love the secret ballot.

The vote wasn’t overwhelming by the way. He is supposed to be president of America – not the president of the world. Did you like how he bowed to the Saudi King ? Do you like how he tells the world how bad America is ? You will find that this Muslim fraud will be a disaster for what is left of the USA.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you get the facts before making invalid statements. The only inspections done are mare in foal inspections, to inspect the mare for NY-bred residency requirements. The organization that does inspections, is the NYS Breeding Fund, not the NYTB. Two different organizations. The Fund is a State appointed group. The the only jurisdiction they have is to inspect mares in foal. Its done within 90 days of the breeding season, thus the end of summer.

Get the facts done please before making ignorant assertions.

steve in nc said...

Anon 7:33, Can't we talk about this horrible case of mistreated horses without you stooping to this nonsense? Jeez.

You act like you care passionately about human rights but then you forget the masquerade and insert your Muslim smear. Maybe you don't see the contradiction, but to me, that wasn't the best way to demonstrate deep respect for freedom of thought.

Listen, I know you're scared. But all the venom doesn't convince anyone, and it can't be any good for you. It only isolates you politically.

If you really do care about freedom and making the world a better place, go register some voters, go help feed the hungry or, since this is a horsie website, care for neglected animals.

You'll help the world, feel better, connect with real live people, and lose some of the hatred and paranoia that characterizes your posts.

You can respond by calling me a socialist, a Muslim, or whatever else you think is really terrible, but, where does that get you?

Anonymous said...

OK, so the facts were not a hundred percent correct, I/we apologize.

But the question remains, were these mares in good condition when presumably checked at the end so the Summer 2008?

True, the Fund's responsibility is solely to check whethar the mares are present and accounted for, but if there was abuse or obvious neglect the fund would report it, correct?

I think its a fair question to ask since Mr. Paragallo claims he has not been up there in months;

Were Ernie's mares inspected? When and by whom? Were they in good condition at the time?

The Fund should provide those answers.

Anonymous said...

Alan has been an equal opportunity critic of both Dem and Rep govt officials that have royally screwed up the VLT implementation process.

The difference between the parties in Albany is neglible.