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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Oh yeah, right. The Kentucky Derby. Anyone else out there suffering from some Derby overload bordering on indifference this year? Seems to me that the "Trail" has gotten longer in duration and far, far more wonk-y given all of the myriad websites, blogs, twits, lists, and purely speculative charts and spreadsheets out there...but, at the same time, far less interesting in terms of substance....that is, horses actually running in actual relevant preps. I Want Revenge and Papa Clem notwithstanding, I don't really know if any race run on a synthetic track can be considered a relevant prep for the Derby. We spend most of our time guessing whether that is or is not the case, whether a horse who's been off for five, six, seven weeks can crank it back up, whether a horse which has only run five, four, three times can possibly be ready. All instead of actual handicapping of a horse race. So I gotta admit I'm having a hard time, but I guess I'll have to try and crank it up. And soon!

But ah, not yet...

- Thanks so much to all of the thoughtful commenters who chimed in on the last post. As you might expect, Delaware North denied the charges alleged in SL Green's suit - and when, really, is the last time you heard of any defendant other than Bernie Madoff go "yeah, they're right, I did it?" Company president William Bissett called it “a desperate attempt by SL Green to try to enhance their standing in the re-bid process" and reaffirmed his intention to participate in the latest bidding round.

“The rebid allows the state and the bidders to address the issues of timing and the changing economic climate." [Biz Journals]
In other words, to adjust their bids downward. SL Green also confirmed that they're in, as did Mohegan Sun, apparently this time without Capital Play.
“Once Delaware North withdrew, we started handicapping what would come out of the Governor’s office,” [COO Jeff Harmann] quipped to The Queens Courier.

“We are reviewing the proposal,” Harmann continued, “We think that, as the premier casino operator in the northeast, a Mohegan Sun operated facility at Aqueduct will generate more jobs and more revenue for Queens.” [Queens Courier]
Governor Paterson's spokesperson Morgan Hook defended the delay in the announcement of the new bidding process.
“We put out the announcement as soon as there was a three-way agreement between the Governor, the Speaker and the Majority Leader.”
Huh? It took six weeks to merely agree to accept new bids?? What exactly did they have to agree on? And how long then will it take them to agree on a new winner? Unbelievable.

- On the day after Earth Day, here's a story (hat tip to the Albany Law School Racing and Wagering page) about Batavia Downs near Buffalo, which will be switching to solar energy next year.
The track and casino will install 144 solar panels later this spring to generate power for evening racing and casino gambling.
The state Energy Research and Development Authority has provided much of the funding for the $200,000 project, which is expected to generate more than $250,000 in energy savings. Solar Liberty of Williamsville will do the installation of panels. [Buffalo News]
President Obama pointed out yesterday that less than 3% of this country's energy consumption is generated from alternative sources, so hear hear to this project - a very small step in the right direction.

- And the Rangers took a 3-1 series lead with a thrilling 2-1 win over the Caps at an insane Madison Square Garden last night. In many if not most cases in best-of-seven series, you'll see the word "commanding" precede '3-1 series lead,' but I'm not going there, not in this case, not at all. The Broadway Blueshirts have won three one-goal games on the strength of spectacular...almost otherwordly...goaltending from The King, courageous penalty killing, the grit of foot soldiers such as Blair Betts, Fred Sjostrom, and Laurie Korpikoski, and the unbridled energy of their young forwards Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky (winner of 15 out of 17 faceoffs last night). During a regular season in which most of the team's high-priced veterans disappointed, these players named above were the heart and the soul of the team all year long. Hopefully, they can lift the team through one more win against the Caps' awesome offensive power and move on to the first Rangers-Bruins playoff series since.....whew, I'm thinking, 1973?? I'll have to go to the yearbook to confirm that!


jk said...

Sorry to ruin your Rangers bliss but Mike Richter's name has emerged in the NY Pension scandal.

Good to see Silver has dirty hands as well.

Great game last night, it could go 6 or 7 but I can not see the Caps winning 3 in a row.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver arranged pension sitdowns, including one with Mike Richter
BY Kenneth Lovett

Thursday, April 23rd 2009, 4:00 AM

ALBANY - Investors trying win state pension fund business - including former Rangers goalie Mike Richter - got coveted access to the state controller with help from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Silver twice arranged sitdowns with the controller, who has sole control over pension investments, the Daily News has learned.

Jessica said...

Funny, I've been thinking the opposite this spring. It feels like less buzz and speculation and hype than usual (not that I'm really complaining, since in past years, I have hit that overwhelmed into indifference point). This year, things seem pretty calm.

Anonymous said...

I would think its what you focus on. But I see your point. Almost every blog that has been updated I read was speaking of the Derby---Even the Brits!! Thank God its another Derby they speak of.

Last year it was all Big Brown-This year the hype is spread far and wide. Which is not really a bad thing.
Good Luck to you Rangers.

Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

I feel like this is a year the Derby has enough legit contenders to make the hype worth it. This is going to be a fantastic race.

Anonymous said...

i've seen shelly silver at ranger games many times. pretty sure he's a season ticket holder.

lone live the king!

Anonymous said...

I love the comment from Sliver's guy DiNappoli that he helped to make Comptroller, "See the system works, Richter's firm didn't get the business because they didn't have the right plan" or something close to that!

Chalk Eating Weasel said...

I'm looking forward to the race. It looks wide open this year with as many as possibly 10 legitimate contenders. I'm thinking of the Oaks/Derby double with a single on Rachel Alexandra and most the field for the Derby.

Anonymous said...

BATAVIA—Batavia Downs has had a lighted harness track longer than any other horse track in the country. Soon, it will rely on solar energy to power those lights.

The track and casino will install 144 solar panels later this spring to generate power for evening racing and casino gambling.

The panels will produce more than 30,000 kilowatts annually, enough to power four homes.

The state Energy Research and Development Authority has provided much of the funding for the $200,000 project, which is expected to generate more than $250,000 in energy savings. Solar Liberty of Williamsville will do the installation of panels.

I doubt any readers spend more than a few $K a year to power their home. Sounds ike another misallocation of productive capital to me.

Anonymous said...

No mention of those extremely dirty and stupid Avery penalties?

How in the world does the coach have him back on the ice after the first one?

Not to rain on your parade, they did win the game, but this was the first hockey game I watched in over 10 years thanks to this site hyping the series, and I witnessed the same goonish behavior that turned me off originally.

Great goal tending, spririted defense, one ugly player that should not see the ice again.

Unknown said...

Speaking of the Derby, if Godolphin fails to hit the board this year, there may be a severe penalty awaiting Saeed bin Suroor.