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Monday, April 13, 2009

Try, Try Again

Rap Tale didn't even make it onto the van to Laurel on Saturday, and will run instead on Wednesday in the Illiterate, a restricted stakes for non-winners of a stakes in 2008-9. King Mobay did make the trip, but was rank early and weakened to 4th at 7-2. Still, he earned $1,920 in purse money, enough to cover the van ride and some box seats at Camden Yards.

Handride's favorite jockey rides Rap Tale against six opponents. She's had 7 1/2 weeks off, part of that due to the difficulty of finding a suitable spot. Out of conditions, lacking much speed (a career high Beyer of 78), and too valuable as a broodmare prospect to risk in claimers, the options are few. There was a NW4x allowance at Philly Park last weekend that drew the interest of only Rap Tale. The stakes at Laurel was far too tough, grass or slop, so this spot seems like the best option. You Asked, Successful Sarah, and the improving Say Toba Sandy look best here, but with the latter two having enjoyed their recent success around two turns, perhaps one will falter and give our filly a chance at that elusive black type.

- Paragallo says he's not been at his farm for nine months, and that may be the case (or not). (And, as I've said, that doesn't resolve him one whit of the ultimate responsibility.) But this (strong stomach warning) didn't happen overnight. And there had to be some people who either worked there or had seen the horses, right? Which raises the question of who knew what, and when, and why is this situation only coming to light now?

- Democrat Scott Murphy now leads Jim Tedisco by 25 votes with the counting of absentee ballots ongoing; which in technical political parlance is roughly half a whisker's difference. The court which is ruling on the various issues between the parties is on hold while the judge recovers from an illness.

One outstanding issue here is whether the campaign of GOP candidate Jim Tedisco can successfully challenge certain absentee voters who maintain two addresses -- voting in the district, but having driver's licenses in New York City or elsewhere. If Tedisco were to be turned down in all or most examples, that would likely result in a pickup of as many as 100 votes for Democrat Scott Murphy. [Talking Points Memo]
Seems pretty funny that Tedisco brings that up, since he doesn't live in the district himself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking those photos, I think....

jk said...

The Post strikes again:



Now here's a photo finish you've never seen before!

Australian lensman Julian Wolkenstein came up with this hair-raising idea to make horses the mane attraction of an oddball photo shoot.

Wolkenstein, an advertising fotog, said he and a friend joked one day about grooming horses with big hair.


Anonymous said...

Very Tough spot for rap tale, She is the 2nd slowest in the race, why do you continue to run her over her head. If you think she is worth more breeding her, then do it! You need a Passover Miracle. Jason