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Saturday, February 03, 2007

How Great Is Invasor?

- Great call by Collmus. [Edit - The actual call was "How good is Invasor?" Though he was pretty great.] Nice job by the horse too. Maybe not such a good job by Fernando Jara. He had so much the best horse and they were killing each other up front. Why put yourself in a tight spot like that, where the danger of not getting through is just the least of the risk involved? It looked like he checked pretty hard.


Jim L said...

Wonder what the line on him in the Dubai race will be? Are they really going to throw Discreet Cat at him? Invasor is going to be very tough to beat, but look for a repeat performance from Hesanoldsalt come Whitney time.

Notice Dutrow's replacement Rodriguez got a nice win at around 4-1 on Saturday? The Sciametta, McCarthy, Benzel = Pletcher bandwagon continues to roll on.

Jose Santos's fall the other day was very, very bad. I watched it frame by frame later that night, and I could clearly see that he had most definitely suffered some damage to his spine. His head was driven into the dirt, and he is damn lucky he didn't snap his neck. He might never come back from this one.

Joe Danaher said...

I'm not sure how much choice Jara had as far as taking the rail in the Donn. I agree he almost blew it but I could not see anything outside. Maybe he should have moved earlier when the outside was possible? I thought he did a good job, hanging on! I do agree that Invasor was able to get going again once Jara got him through that traffic. I hope he continues a great older horse campaign. He seems to be a special horse.