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Monday, February 12, 2007

New Dutrow Suspension a Bad Joke

- Richard Dutrow, just back from a seven day suspension, is heading back to the sidelines - supposedly - for another 14 days for having contact with his barn during his highly publicized 60 day suspension in 2005, the year during which he trained the eventual Horse of the Year Saint Liam. Given the fact that these suspensions really require little else of these trainers, who merely have their horses campaign under their assistants' names, a violation such as this is really a slap in the face of the regulating authorities. Off the top of my head, I'd say that the suspension should be at least as long as the original one, given that he didn't comply with its most basic terms.


Anonymous said...

I just read that Churchill Downs' Kentiucky Oaks Future Wager was accepting wagers on Untouched Talent all weekend, then suspended wagering on her with about 2 hours to go because she had in fact been RETIRED. In looking at her past performances, there isn't a single workout listed, and she hasn't run since last October. So i'm guessing this wasn't a new development. NICE WORK, Churchill Downs!

Also, Meditations injured herself in Saturday's Davona Dale, and was vanned off the track. She was diagnosed with a broken bone in her leg, and retired. And guess what? They were still taking bets on her the rest of the day, AND the next day, up until about 2 hours to close. I guess they didn't find out she had a broken leg until then. Gimme a break.

Going further. While looking at Untouched Talent's pp's in yesterday's Racing Form, i notice that Enchanting Star isn't showing any workout either. And just like Untouched Talent, she hasn't run since last October. Is it possible she was retired as well? If nothing else, she's gotta be injured.

I had posted on another forum about EZ Warrior, and the fact that they were still taking bets on HIM all weekend. This after Baffert announced on Wednesday that EZ Warrior would miss the San Vicente due to "foot problems". Said Baffert, "I don't know when he'll run again." So while EZ Warrior may not he "officially" off the Derby Trail, isn't it irresponsible of Churchill to allow wagering on a horse who's been taken out of training due to injury?

On to some Vegas news. I had mentioned on here previously that Bally's was offering wagering on Mr. Sekiguchi and Smokey Stover for the Derby. This despite that fact that they are each FOUR YEARS OLD. Now, i notice that they're still offering wagering on Tiz Wonderful, who as we all know was declared out of the Derby several weeks ago. But at least they raised his odds this week, from 10/1 up to 15/1. What a bargain.

They also LOWERED the odds on The Green Monkey (45/1 last week, down to 40/1 this week). The Green Monkey still hasn't started, hasn't worked out all year, and wasn't even among the 450 horses nominated to the Triple Crown.

So i've gotta hand it to Churchill Downs. They wanted a Vegas-style future bet. And now they've got one.

Green Mtn Punter said...

Alan, you pretty much nailed it, these trainers are paying no price for their cheating so why should things change? Bud Selig must be praying 3X daily that Bonds gets indicted soon, before he gets much closer to Hank Aaron's all-time home run record, arguably the most sacred record in all of baseball if not major league sports. Selig doesn't want to be put in the embarrassing position of having to faintly praise, or ignore altogether, Bonds' drug-clouded record. Racing doesn't dare to clamp down on illegal drugs because it has slowly reached de facto status quo. MLB prospers like never before and racing is on life support in too many places, so why not take a stand now against drugs in racing and win back some public support by actually doing the right thing? One more thing in NYRA's favor, as you have also pointed out recently: NYRA actually tried to do something about it with the detention barns, most other tracks have just hoped it would go away.

Jim L said...

I love Alan's idea of putting Dutrow back in the penalty box for 60 days.

Horse racing needs to adopt something of substance (no pun intended) for these cheats. In the NBA< you leave the bench now, you are gone for a game. No second chance. This helped to curb bench clearing brawls there.

For hockey, you leave the bench to fight, you get 10 games. You join a fight on the ice as a bystander, you get an automatic ejection.

In the NFL, you throw a punch, you're gone.

Of course, substance abuse(s) in these sports are dealt differently now than in years' past, but there have been great strides to eradicate cheating. In horse racing, there needs to be swift and harsh punishment.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone seriously believe that Pletcher, and Assmussen did not have contact with their assistants during their recent suspensions ? This one was all about crawling up Rick D's azz. But it won't happen to the glamour boys of racing, ever. Rick's a great trainer. I know this from personal experience. He has done a great deal for NY racing. Would be a real shame if he decided, screw this scrutiny, I'm moving my NY stables elsewhere...