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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Must Be Mistaken

- The Dubai Racing Club Blog is reporting that that Sweetnorthernsaint is a possibility for the World Cup.

Trainer Mike Trombetta said on Wednesday that he and owners Joseph Balsamo and Ted Theos are aiming to make the final decision on a trip to Dubai by March 1.
However, the post also mentions Brother Derek as a potential starter in the big race. That has to be some kind of misprint. Right??

- As Turfway continues to struggle to get its Polytrack right in the wake of nine fatalities since Thanksgiving (though none -*knock wood*- in February), Santa Anita announced that it is indeed going ahead with its artificial surface, though it hasn't yet decided on which. It will be installed during this summer's Del Mar meeting.


Anonymous said...

If Sweetnorthernsaint can not win a restricted race for Florida and California breds or at least hit the board for that matter what makes his connections think he can ship half way around the world and beat two of the best horses in training?

The same applies to Brother Derek who has not won a race outside of California. He has repeatedly lost to average competition since the Breeders Cup, a race in which he was on the best part of the track the whole way and still was well beaten.

The only horse in the U.S. right now that deserves a chance against Discreet Cat and Invasor is Corinthian. If he stays healthy he may be able to give both of the aforementioned a run for their money.


Patrick J Patten said...

the more the merrier I say, and you'll get better prices on Invasor. Also, maybe BroDerek isn't good outside of Cal in the US, but is awesome outside of cal AND outside the US. ;-D

Green Mtn Punter said...

Santa Anita's rush to synthetic surfaces is just that- a typical SoCal rush for the newest big thing, whatever it happens to be. Verdict is still out on many of the impacts it seems to me, sort of like rushing to tax the U S economy into the tank as the solution to so-called "global warming". Mind you it's been below zero every night for the past month here in the Green Mtn State so we've kinda lost our sense of humor about global warming. But I digress- The rush to install synthetic surfaces is just one more concession to lowering the bar to allow more (infirm) race horses in order to fill more race cards. Whatever happened to "improvement of the breed"? All of that A-rab dough rolling in to the KY breeders and yet they can't breed sound race horses? Haven't heard any talk about NYRA tracks going synthetic and hope we never do. Look what happened in the rush to synthetic surfaces on baseball and football playing fields- they've all, or nearly all, come back to real live grass. Call me old fashioned, or just an old fart, but I have yet to be convinced that synthetic surfaces are the long term answer for better racing.