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Friday, February 16, 2007

Master Plan?

- Steve Swindal will appear in a Florida traffic court on March 15 on DUI charges stemming from his arrest early Thursday morning. The NY Times reports on Saturday that [George] Steinbrenner had a chance to publicly support Swindal on Friday, but he did not take it.

Steinbrenner’s spokesman, Howard Rubenstein, was asked if Steinbrenner still planned to make Swindal his successor with the Yankees. Rubenstein called back a reporter an hour later and said, “Steve’s counsel has advised us that we should have no comment because this is an ongoing legal matter.”
Hmmm, well, if Swindal isn't going to be running the Yankees, then perhaps he wouldn't be in conflict with Major League Baseball rules regarding the casinos that Excelsior would own, and....

You see? I TOLD you that Bud Selig had a plan!