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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Barbaro Documentary Buffaloed

- Don't blame me Barbaro fans. Contact the National Hockey League and tell them that had the Rangers not had to battle their two referees and their replay center in Toronto in addition to the so-called 'cream of the crop' of the league, they might have beaten the Sabres in regulation. Then you wouldn't have to wait until next Friday at 9 PM to see the documentary, and the Rangers wouldn't have had to go through the better part of two nail-biting overtimes before earning an exhilirating win and a chance to tie their conference semifinal series on Tuesday night!

And Highland Cat ran second at the Big A; the Head Chef was on hand to report to me live. Her description went something like this: "OK, the race is off......he's 4th......OK now.....oh, he's second on the inside....yeah, he's second, and he's gonna stay there." She won't be replacing Durkin anytime soon. She also took some photos, which, if I can overcome some serious technical problems I'm having with my laptop, I'll post in a bit.


Brett said...

Great hockey game should trump the Barbaro doc. Nice win by your Rangers

Anonymous said...

Brett - Agreed, and thanks. Nothing quite like playoff OT in hockey; as far as human team sports go anyway!

Anonymous said...

who cares about the barbaro doc, what a hockey game!
but that was the worst refereeing i've ever seen; the 2d per. goal that wasn't, the hook/takedown on prucha, the dive by kotalik after the stupid ref couldn't get his fat ass out of the way of the puck, the "cross checking" pen on shanahan.
fortunately justice was ultimately done.
and the chef is a fine race caller. go highland cat!hedmimv

Anonymous said...

Hockey? Lol! You guys are too much.

Harl said...

I actually made a special trip to the downtown otb to watch your boy, HIGHLAND CAT. He ran a pretty good race against some decent competition and I cashed several exacta tickets with him underneath. It's a good spot for him and I hope 2nd place money helped offset some of the expenses.