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Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's The Old 'Granulomatous Mass' Excuse for Discreet Cat

- Discreet Cat's connections were subdued and humble in discussing the colt's virtual non-appearance in the World Cup in the race's immediate aftermath. The only excuse being offered at that time was a weak one from jockey Frankie Dettori, who said: "He didn't like the kickback." [Guardian UK] Dettori, described by the UK's Sporting Life as being "devastated," added:

"He was beaten by a long way. I don't know if he didn't stay the distance or what, I can't tell you why. I don't know what to say."

Racing manager Simon Crisford added: "Discreet Cat has run way below form - I don't know why.

"He was never going a yard - it was a big surprise to us but that's racing. We will give him some time out now and then get him back to America.It was very disappointing but all the good champions get beaten at some point and he will be back." [Sporting Life]
And Discreet Cat's trainer told Joe Drape of the New York Times:
He didn’t stay the distance....We’re going to give him a break and cut him back to a mile.”
Yes, they were all distraught, and seemingly resigned to more modest goals before shipping him off to stud.

But now, there is an official excuse, so don't rip up those BC Classic futures bets just yet. Crisford told Sporting Life:
"He basically has an aggressive throat abscess which is clearly causing great discomfort and he is on a course of anti-biotics.

"Breathing would have been difficult during the race which explains his performance."

"The plan remains for him to go back to America to continue his career. Obviously it is disappointing he was beaten but at least we know there was a reason for it."
That reason is explained in precise medical detail today on Godolphin's website:
Following Discreet Cat’s disappointing performance in the Dubai World Cup last night (Saturday, March, 31), he has undergone a complete veterinary check at Al Quoz Stables this morning.

This included an endoscopic examination of his respiratory tract, which revealed an obstructive granulomatous mass within his throat, in addition to significant swelling of the underlying throat wall, as a result of an infective process.

In the opinion of the Godolphin veterinary surgeons, this would have affected his performance, firstly by physically obstructing the airflow into his throat and lungs, and secondly by causing him significant discomfort. He is now undergoing appropriate treatment and assessments.

Discreet Cat had a routine endoscopic examination performed of his respiratory airways earlier in the week, and no abnormalities were found.
Perhaps the comment line in the Form will read: Raced with granulomatous mass. So, it looks like we can look forward to yet another climactic showdown in the fall, a time of year which is more conducive to climaxes anyway.


Anonymous said...

I am glad there is an excuse, want to see him run again, perhaps the Whitney?

Off subject, does anyone know where one can find the results with payouts for Dubai yesterday.

Do not see at DRF or Brisnet or CD site, all of which had the entries but none of which give the results.

Want to check my pocketful of losing tickets against all hope that a winner may be hiding somewhere.

Alan Mann said...

>>does anyone know where one can find the results with payouts for Dubai yesterday.

I haven't a freaking clue!

Valerie Grash said...

Here are the payouts:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Val.

Unfortunately did not hit the sunday morning ticket lottery.

Alan Mann said...

>>Unfortunately did not hit the sunday morning ticket lottery.

Sorry, but you had fun, right? :)

Thanks Val. Would still like to see some full charts though. I don't even know where, for example, English Channel finished, or what odds he went off at.