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Monday, April 09, 2007

No Need To Fear

- Marylou Whitney divested enough of her investment in Empire Racing so that she didn't have to be subjected to Gov. Spitzer's integrity review; this according to the Albany Times Union. The paper also reports that the bankrupt NYRA spent $500,000 on a consultant to help it present its proposal. They obviously didn't spend any of that on their written proposal, so who knows what to expect when they appear before the Rifkin Committee on Tuesday. Maybe they'll have Charlie Hayward take a page out of the Whitney book and make a grand appearance, descending from a helicopter dressed as Underdog. There's no need to fear, NYRA is here.


Green Mtn Punter said...

Alan, any comment on Steve Wynn and developer Steve Roth replacing Steve Swindal and the Steinbrenner Organization in the Excelsior bid?
Interesting last minute substitution, wouldn't you say? If the pols love slots how could they not like Steve Wynn jumping back into the game? Isn't he the best qualified of all bidders to operate the VLT's? Then Excelsior can bring in NYRA for management cover and you have all sides covered. If Excelsior doesn't do it, isn't Empire the now obvious 2nd choice, a choice that neither you nor I relishes?

Alan Mann said...


I haven't commented on Wynn as of yet, because I've only seen this reported by Ed Fountaine in the Post. Not that I distrust Mr. Fountaine, but I'd like to see some confirmation of the story. Have you seen it reported anywhere else?

Anonymous said...

Off the Albany Times Union web site:

Wynn Is In

April 9, 2007
James M. Odato

Excelsior Racing Associates indeed can boast a pretty good team of stars.

Wynn Resorts, headed by Steve Wynn, and his partners Steven Roth, chairman of Vornado Realty Trust and Richard D. Bronson, head of the Bronson Cos., have officially joined Excelsior, the company announced late Monday after playing it coy since Friday.

The Wynn addition brings a major casino developer to the team, which already was lead by a casino developer - Richard Fields. Also on the team: William Mulrow, the unsucessful candidate for comptroller and Wall Street pro, and the Johnston family of Chicago, friends of George Steinbrenner, whose family and son-in-law broke from the Excelsior gang.

Excelsior’s bid to win the New York racing franchise will compete with at least three others, including Empire Racing Associates, which has got some of the biggest names in the racing industry on its side.

Anonymous said...

DRF is reporting Wynn is back in with Excelsior.

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Anonymous said...

Hard Spun out of Bluegrass....suspicious excuse IMHO.

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