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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Works

- Wednesday's Keeneland picks are up now at the Special, and yes, I really did have four winners on Sunday, when the column didn't get posted due to a mixup.

As Jeff pointed out in the comments section, Clocker-1 didn't care much for Hard Spun's work, speculating that perhaps he didn't like the Keeneland Poly (even though he certainly took to Turfway). But check out what he thought of Curlin. Oh man!

Haskin reported on the work too, and though he was impressed, he was not quite as ebullient. He noted that: He just glides over the ground, while generating a great deal of power."

Of course, these reports are just their opinions, and that's what was so cool about The Works. We could actually see for ourselves, hear a range of informed opinions and form our own. I had read that HRTV was going to do their own production; if that's true, it's apparently a secret to the webmaster of the HRTV website.

[UPDATE: Here's the comment on Curlin from the official Keeneland clocker: Was not under any pressure, galloped out well (3/4 in 114.0 and the 7/8 in 127.1).


Hawken said...

They haven't put up any new videos since Sunday, but you can watch the Keeneland workouts in their video section. Maybe you already knew this, but since you were lamenting not being able to form your own opinion - I thought I'd pass the info along: Go to the racing tab on the Keeneland main page and scroll down to video - then click on features.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks hawken!

Anonymous said...

Good to see some negative work comments, since 99 and 44/100 percent of work comments read like my home-made Mad-Lib...

"[Insert horse's name here] came out on to the track looking [use any or all of the following: "bright", "alert", "happy", "friskier than a new-born Beagle"]. His coat was [choose one of the following: "dappled", "shining like a new penny", "exploding with equine majesty"]. He broke off around the [insert workout starting point here] and settled into a good gallop. Around the turn he [insert one of the following phrases here: "leveled off beautifully", "put that magnificient head down and gobbled up ground effortlessly"]. [Insert exercise rider name here] sat chillier than a late autumn morn' as [insert horse name here] motored home effortlessly through the stretch. [Rider name] had to wrangle with him [use one of the following: "like an Olympian Greco-Roman going for the gold", "like Andre the Giant trying to take down Chief J Strongbow"] to get him to pull up down the backstretch. When he came off the track he ["couldn't have blown out a candle from three inches away", "looked like he could have worked another mile in 1:33 flat"]. This is a horse who is ["really feeling his oats", "looks like he could give Secretariat a run for his money", "worked so good I wet my pants"] and he really could be sitting on a ["monster effort", "the race of his life"]. With this work he must now be considered a serious threat come Saturday."

Brett said...

I also have my picks for Keeneland today up on my blog

Anonymous said...

Sorry posted this on the wrong thread:

OT, but does anyone have a handicapping angle on foaling dates (and if you did, why tell me?!)

Just perusing some for this year's Derby runners, Nobiz was foaled in January, and SS in February - while Hard Spun and Scat will still be technically 2-year olds when the Derby is run (foaled May 10th and 11th respectively).

I'm sure there's info on this somwhere, but I was wondering about the Derby records of late foals, or if late foals improve or regress in the Derby off their previous races.