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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Curlin Looking Scary Good

- Keeneland may be over, but they've continued to keep their website features current, and the workout video page has Friday's works by Doug O'Neill's trio, as well as a work by Cowtown Cat and Octave in company this morning. So here it is, check it out.

Check those all out. And then, scroll down a bit and take a look at a portion of the highly-acclaimed work by Curlin on April 23. Unfortunately, they only caught the tail end of the timed portion, plus the gallop-out. But see if you get the same impression that I did. Is it just me, or does he physically just tower over the other horses? He looks massive to me; and I get the sense of his tremendous power even just watching him galloping out. Man!

But no, I'm not changing my position on him for the Derby, on principle and price if nothing else. With just three lifetime starts against inferior competition, all at age three, I'm willing to bet that he's just not quite ready to defy a solid historical trend and beat 19 others on Derby Day. But boy, he is one impressive and scary-looking looking colt.

[And no reference intended to the Buffalo Sabres in the title of the post.]


Anonymous said...

Great Hunter has perfect movement.I can see why he was the "wise guy" horse in last race.
Curlin certainly lays over the field phsically,butmaybe the distance will be his only obstacle.

Anonymous said...

He is looking gorgeously good! What a hunk! I heard he kicks into high around the mile.

Jim L said...


The Sabres were looking scary good in the third period on Friday night. Look for Buffalo to play a very uptempo game on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately I don't have to take a short price...I bet a bit on him in pool 2 where he closed at (I think) 30-1. No insight whatsoever...just a hunch. I don't take the future's pools very seriously but I figured the entertainment value of a couple of hundred spread over four horses was worth it. I have Any Given Saturday (14/1 Pool 1), Circular Quay (12/1 Pool 1), Hard Spun (20/1 Pool 2) and Curlin (30/1 Pool 2). I didn't bet the third pool. I spilt the Oaks between Octave (10/1 Pool 1) and Mistical Plan (18/1 Pool 2). Too many horses I know but plenty of fun to follow and I figured I would be happy if a couple started so I hope for the best...

Hawken said...

Just watched the Pletcher Horses works over at Keeneland - and once again, I'd say Scat Daddy looks the best. AGS looks good too - he might be growing a bit - but as far as the motion goes, he is not stretching out as well as Scat Daddy. I thought Circular Quay looked the worst. He worked in company with Rags again (somebody is obviously worried about fitness) and when they went onto the track, I don't think he really wanted to run once he realized she'd be working with him again. I have not seen or read about any of the times for these workouts, but thought I'd offer my perspective - and I'd definately like to know if others feel the same way.