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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Keeneland Website Rules

- The Keeneland website is full of helpful information (including live race coverage and clocker's workout comments)....if you actually take the time to delve through it. So thanks much to reader Hawken for pointing out this page, which contains links to videos of some of the morning works we've been reading about. That includes Circular Quay and Rags to Riches working in company, the workout by Cobalt Blue that received mixed reviews at best, and the work by Any Given Saturday that Haskin raved about the other day. Personally, I wasn't as blown away by the latter as Haskin, but that's why it's good for everyone to see for themselves and make up their own minds.

While Haskin wasn't quite as impressed by Curlin as Clocker-1 (or as accounts by other witnesses that I've been informed of), he totally flipped out over the one by Street Sense. Summing up, he writes: This may sound like someone getting a bit carried away, but you had to be there. If you’re watching Derby works for two weeks, this is what you’re hoping to see. [Bloodhorse]

Of course, it's important for us to remember that the race will be run on the afternoon of May 5, not in the morning at Keeneland or Churchill. I distinctly recall that Bandini was the consensus training star in 2005, and he didn't run a lick in the Derby. Whatsmore, these are all nice horses, and most of them are going to look good in the morning. As reader PapaChach (who obviously hasn't read the LATG rules prohibiting any commenter from being funnier than me) hilariously points out, we won't be reading many negative reports on works over the next ten days.

- As Keeneland giveth, others taketh away. TrackNet Media is withholding Magna's video archive from certain outlets pending contract negotiations (though not Cal Racing, shhhh). And Churchill Downs, which is by far the stingiest major racing company when it comes to race replays, has now withdrawn the video archive from the Fair Grounds site, thank you very, very much.


Brett said...

Thanks for the links to the workouts. I love watching the CQ vs Rags to Riches battle. CQ was my pick a while ago and I am sticking to him despite the interesting road to the Derby.

By the way Churchill Downs Inc. are just money whores who don't give back to racing fans.

Hawken said...

I am also an AGS fan, but would have to rate the Scat Daddy work as the best of the bunch from what I've seen. I'm still confused about what to do with his pedigree, but he's obviously a winner - and the way he finished while "gobbling up ground effortlessly" (to borrow a phrase from papachach) was really nice to watch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't read the rules before I posted...but I offer no guarantees it won't happen again!
But seriously...really, the only work reports that pique my interest are the bad ones. I mean, these are Derby horses, they SHOULD be shiny, dappled horsies posting impressive looking works. Getting a report that a logical contender (like Hard Spun) didn't look good out there is news I can use.

Kennedy said...

Just wanted to drop you a line and say I like the blog. It has far and away the best content of any blog in the TBA.

Anonymous said...

A few days ago folks were remarking that Youbet was getting mistreated regarding the conditions they had to agree to in order to present certain content. Not sure if it's related, but just noticed that they have suspended their rewards program for Aqueduct AND now Keeneland. Can't feel too sorry for a company that doesn't put on the show but only passes along the content for betting purposes.

PS Yes, I echo the previous post's comment - kudos for being the best.

Anonymous said...

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