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Friday, May 09, 2008

Flyers in 6

- Not that I'm bitter or anything. But I think that the Orange Crud will apply their usual physical pounding to Sid the Kid and friends, causing them to show the kind of frustration and immaturity they surprisingly did at the end of Game 4 despite still having a commanding series lead. The Pens take bad penalties and, unlike the Rangers did, the Flyers have been scoring big power play goals all postseason long.

You may have noticed that I don't like to write about the Rangers when they lose. I actually wrote a Rangers blog on and off during the post-lockout season of 2005-06. But when they fell behind 3-0 to the Devils in the first round, I simply abandoned it. I haven't really even looked at it in two years. But there's actually some pretty funny stuff there that two or three of you die-hards may enjoy, so here it is was.


Anonymous said...


Come on now, you too?? You're way too objective and decent of a guy on the racing posts to sound like every other bitter NY Ranger fan.

Here comes a weeks worth of pent up anger from listening to otherwise logical human beings whine about the damn Rangers losing.

POTVIN SUCKS! (and so do the Rangers.....)

I've already ensured local fans claiming the Rangers-Pens series was decided by the referees that, "want to see Crosby" in the Stanley Cup Finals and just about every other lame excuse. You don't lose a series 4-1 on bad calls. Please.

The Flyers in general take much worse penalties than the Pens. Hatcher's game 3 penalty against the Habs is one such example; that could have changed the whole momentum of the series for no reason....Speaking of taking bad penalties how is Ryan Hollweg playing in the Conference Finals? Oh, sorry, that's right, the Rangers have tee times lined up for tomorrow since they're ELIMINATED. They can catch the game on Versus HD, no big deal, it's incredibly lifelike. That was bad penalty mon ami.

You're totally right on the immaturity. Remember when Ruutu was waving his stick in front of future hall of famer and arguably the greatest goalie of all time, Martin Brodeur like a two year old to the point a rule required ammending? Oh, sorry, that was the ever classy and "mature" Sean Avery. And don't even bring up the extremely minor Ruutu stick briefly in the face of Rozieval. Not even in the same ballpark.

Great call on Flyers in six--The Pens looked terrible, immature, and really dominant in beating the Flyers tonight.

I'll take the Rangers in zero.

Anonymous said...

I just reread your post and it was very tame..... Consider that a misplaced rant--I'm just incredibly sick of Ranger fans crying about the series.

Anonymous said...

Bitter Ranger fan Alan. You need to show some respect to the two greatest young players in the NHL, Malkin and Crosby. Mature young hockey leaders not like the degenerate debt ridden Jagr. That's why we dumped him. The Rangers will have many years of beatings ahead of them. Nice pick on the Flyers in six. Stick to horses or the Yankees. Doh!

Alan Mann said...

McCarron - Thanks for correcting yourself and not making me do it for you. I never really complained here at all. Make no mistake, I do think the Pens got the better of the calls and the bounces. But they were clearly the better team.

But the Flyers now have them right where they want them. They bounced back from devastating losses in Game 1 of their first two series, and I look for a big effort on Sunday night.

Alan Mann said...

Well, actually I did complain about the horseshit call on Straka in Game 1....

Anonymous said...


I don't think any team would boast that they have another team right where they want them after losing convincingly, so I respectfully disagree.

The only way the Flyers have a shot to win this series is getting more physical without taking penalties. It's awfully tough to be physical with a team like the Pens, as fast and skilled as they are. The Flyers are a well balanced, solid hockey team, but it will be tough for them to pull off this series after losing game one, despite what transpired in the opening two rounds.

The Habs went with a twelve year old netminder, one with a great future, but he wasn't ready for the pressure of the playoffs in a brutal media market like Montreal. Fluery is another youngin', but he's sharp right now and the Flyers won't get the softies they were handed in their previous series.

No human being with even the faintest amount of common decency could possibly root for the Flyers.

Life's organizational bottom 5:

1. Nazis
2. Al Queda
3. Flyers
4. Ku Klux Klan
5. Rangers