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Friday, May 02, 2008

Notes - May 2

- Ramon Dominguez had no explanation for Chelokee's injury.

"He was traveling absolutely perfect....I had the best horse in the race. I was just trying to pick my spot and as soon as he got to the top of the lane, he switched to his right lead and broke down." [Philadelphia Inquirer]
And Dr. Bramlage, repeating the remarks he made on ESPN, said: "That's amazingly very similar to what Barbaro had, only in another leg."

- Jerry Bailey was emphasizing how much they're packing down the main track, and warned that it's going to be a "highway" tomorrow. Noting that the 200 lb. Larry Jones wasn't sinking into the track when he came on to greet Proud Spell, he said, "This track is hard, it's fast, it's sealed. Keep that in mind for tomorrow," he said.

- Country Star finished 6th. If you didn't like her, it was a pretty easy superfecta for $1395.80. Not much value in comparison for those who picked high five for $1867.

- Don't know if it means a thing at all, but Giant Gizmo is a horse that had no problem at all transferring from Cushion Track to the slop of Churchill.

- Churchill Downs' stock sank today on fears that the eventual settlement of the ADW dispute with horsemen will end up costing the company revenue.
The analyst estimates that the ongoing dispute could cost the Louisville, Ky., company $2 million to $4 million per quarter in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

He also added that Calder, the company's race course near Miami, is unlikely to get tax relief as the Florida state legislature failed to pass a bill reducing the tax slot rate.
Shares of Churchill Downs slid $3.72, or 7.2 percent, to close at $48.23. The stock has traded in a 52-week range of $40.22 to $57.55. [AP]
- The smallest Derby margin was a nose. Doesn't get much closer than that.


Anonymous said...

does anyone have the probable daily double payoffs for the Oaks and Derby.


Anonymous said...

Alan or anyone your opinion is there any chance we see a 22.5 or quicker opening 1/4 in the Derby? Bodog has a prop at +110for the under. Thinking about taking a flyer on it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

2 Oaks-Derby double will-pays:

Proud Spell (No. 8) with:

1. Cool Coal Man, $436.00

2. Tale of Ekati, 312.20

3. Anak Nakal, 778.00

4. Court Vision, 132.20

5. Eight Belles, 212.00

6. Z Fortune, 143.60

7. Big Truck, 848.40

8. Visionaire, 235.60

9. Pyro, 55.80

10. Colonel John, 54.80

11. Z Humor, 644.80

12. Smooth Air, 369.60

13. Bob Black Jack, 514.80

14. Monba, 281.60

15. Adriano, 297.00

16. Denis of Cork, 224.20

17. Cowboy Cal, 593.80

18. Recapturetheglory, 578.60

19. Gayego, 227.00

20. Big Brown, 37.80

Anonymous said...

Based on above, Court Vision and Z Fortune are the action horses at about 12-1.

Guess everyone reads this blog.

I'll need more than that to back either.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Bailey is priceless. He adds more to these broadcasts than any analyst in the busines, in any sport.

What kind of uproar would there be if NYRA failed to seal their track on time the day before the Belmont, or any big race day?

Predict silence regarding CD.

Bad job, it was pretty damn obvious a major storm was on the way.

On a lighter note, a classic mud sliding opporunity on the infield tomorrow, the youtube clips should be a blast!!

Alan Mann said...

Thanks much for those will pays.

>>Bad job, it was pretty damn obvious a major storm was on the way.

All you had to do was look on the map on

>>in your opinion is there any chance we see a 22.5 or quicker opening 1/4 in the Derby?

If the track is as fast as Bailey thinks it will be, it's a possibility. All that speed on the outside is gonna be in a hurry I'd say.

Anonymous said...

before the alysheba, the espn broadcast showed trucks sealing the track. they were pulling those sled-like things behind them, but they looked bigger than the ones i've seen at other tracks plus they each had a guy standing on them. next race chelokee breaks leg. coincidence? don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Horse racing and NTRA continue to destroy this sport. Biggest day of the year and the people who support this sport get shut out. Disgraceful. I have to go offshore to bet the whole card?? Thank God I still have my Penguins and Sid The Kid and Malkin to keep my spirits up.

ballyfager said...

Based on the Oaks/Derby will pays, which STILL aren't up on the CD website, Recapturetheglory will be one of the longest shots in the race.

That shouldn't be, the horse's last race is very good. Denis of Cork is taking more money than I would have thought and this horse humbled D of C last out.

Anonymous said...

The Churhcill site is a disgrace.

One big add for

IF NYRA operated this way the uproar would be heard from coast to coast.