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Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Morning Notes - May 9

- I seem to have picked up a heckler, but I thought my pick in the first yesterday was pretty damn good. Cagey Girl, at 11-1, rocketed to the lead as I said, and favored Chestoria went running past her in the stretch. Unfortunately though, Cagey Girl couldn't quite hold on for the place spot, getting caught late and missing by about a half length. It was worth a shot for a generous $45 will-pay. Yeah, bottom line is that it was a loser, but I put it in the 'nice try' category. In the third, I'd hinted that Wafi City (2-5!) was a flawed favorite, but no excuse for not having Greeley's Legacy ($19.40) considering that I noted just the other day that his trainer Richard Schosberg seemed on the verge of a breakout. Damn.

I went to the Meadowlands last night. I'm always subject to a flurry of addiction after the Rangers get eliminated. The simulcasting there is now virtually limitless - though I didn't notice Presque Isle Downs, which opened last night to much less fanfare than for its inaugural meeting featuring inflated purses last fall.

It was a very nice evening, and I was hanging outside. I'm so used to having my NYRA betting card that I'd forgotten to get a voucher, and when I went to bet the third at Lone Star, there were neither tellers nor any machines that would accept cash. It was too late to run inside, so I tried to call my OTB account; but the line was busy! The 21st century version of getting shut out. I was going to try to beat favored Anita Xanax, but would have had at least a saver on the $31 exacta she headed. So a great start there.

Then, I had 8-1 Lady Sometimes in the 6th live race; she forged to the front midstretch, but then got caught by a neck by a 9-1 shot. Different breed, but it all seemed quite familiar.

When the trotters came on the track for the 9th and it was announced as the last live race, I was shocked. I don't think I ever recall there being only nine races at the Big M; so despite the purse subsidy deal, I guess they're still having trouble competing for horses with Yonkers. I played some ten cent supers in that race - to no avail - but those bets have to be one of the great innovations of the present parimutuel century. I'd read that the handle on the Derby was down, and I can say for sure that I would have bet more if Churchill hadn't inexplicably increased the minimum to a dollar on Oaks and Derby day. It's also not beyond the realm of possibility that I would have had that super, though I guess I would have had to donate my winnings to a horse rescue farm or veterinary research or something like that, right?

But I'm glad to inform you - and I'm sure that that reggiefleming guy will be happy to know - that I stayed for one more simulcast bet after the live races, and nailed the exacta stone cold in the 11th at Saratoga Harness. At $27.80, I had it enough times to actually fill up my gas tank and have enough left over to pick up some Wendy's and still have some pennies leftover. I swear, I think the prices had gone up a few cents from the time I passed the gas stations on the way to the track just a couple of hours before.

- You can add Belmont to the Meadowlands betting menu starting today. NYRA reached an agreement with the Mid-Atlantic Cooperative.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, though it is known that NYRA has been seeking some of the highest rates in the country for the signals from its three tracks, Belmont, Aqueduct, and Saratoga. [Daily Racing Form]


Anonymous said...

mamaluke says to you Alan. You must be the only person in the world who considers the "nice try" catagory a collection at the window. As far as I'm concerned the "nice try" catagory equals tearing up the ticket. What rediculous statement you made. You went to Meadowlands last night do we have to hear about all your plays. Can you tell me how many times you went to their dirty bathrooms. After all you seem to keep us informed of your every move even buying gas and eating dog food at Wendy's. What a joke you have become. As I've said before your dd about other things related to horse racing is informative but, your handicapping is from HUNGER.

Anonymous said...

For all you longtime visitors here who are Highland Cat fans, he has filled out and become a real professional race horse.
He lost a stretch duel by about a half-length in a mile and 70 yard allowance race on the dirt at Penn National last night. He went off as the 8 to 5 favorite from the inside post. (I bet him but would prefer him on the grass)
The time seemed pretty good to me.
Not to jinx him, but he appears to be a really sound animal who can run every couple of weeks without it bothering him.
He is also still the cutest thoroughbred I have seen in years. Hope he lives a long and happy life.

In the stakes race, DoubleDown Vinman was 2nd at 1 to 5. Though he is always in the money, you can always find some other horse to beat the Vinman. Last night it was Naprovnik and Balian.

Alan provides a lot of detail and "local color" in his posts. That's what makes him a great commentator.

Anonymous said...

I'd call that pick a nice try, too, especially at 11-1.

Valerie Grash said...

PID opens tonight (Friday) so you didn't miss any of the excitement :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your details on racing info, I enjoy your handicapping too. However, as a lifelong Ranger fan I cant see how you can ever step into a Wendy's after that infamous night at the Nassau Mausoleum around 1980. It was the night when the Fishsticks announcer said if the Isles score 10 goals Wendy's would offer Double Chile. I was at that game and have never stepped a foot in a Wendys since. By the way the Isles scored 10 goals, on I think Wayne Thomas and another goalie, not JD.


Alan Mann said...

theiman - Yeah, I was there too. Now, between the food I ate and that unpleasant reminder, I'm getting indigestion.

steve in nc said...

I used to know someone who drowned out each loss with a track hot dog. As slim as he stayed, I think he must have been bulemic.

Winning even a little and then eating Wendy's is a perverse twist of undeserved self-flagellation.

Plenty of good bets lose, some by excruciating whiskers. So eat well regardless, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those Rangers/Isles grudges die hard. The Potvin sucks chant lives on and now a 28 year old chili dispute has re-emerged. I guess the Isles 4 straight cups still sting after all these years. I will trade you the chili deal to get rid of those Grotons Fisherman uniforms any day of the week!