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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Gov No Fan of NYRA

- Capitol Confidential reports that Governor Paterson expressed quite a bit of displeasure at former Governor Spitzer's deal to renew NYRA's franchise for 25 years.

“I don’t see how the state won in this particular exchange,” he just said during an interview on Talk-1300 AM radio.

“If we made an agreement then we have to keep it,” he added.

“What are the parameters with which I could challenge this because if I could I would,” he said.
Those words must send shivers up the spines of NYRA executives who are still trying to finalize the deal. However, I don't see what Paterson could do at this point.....unless anything further comes of the unsubstantiated report by the Post's Fred Dicker that Spitzer may have been blackmailed into the choice by someone familiar with his appetite for prostitutes.

Whatsmore, if this article by Michael Gormley of the AP is any indication, the decision on who will operate the racino at Aqueduct may be put off until after the November election! If that's the case, then NYRA can likely forget about seeing any racino revenue until 2010 at the earliest. The bitter gridlocks of the past seem to have given way to self-satisfied camaraderie which has lawmakers congratulating themselves on their newfound spirit of cooperation rather than actually getting anything done.
"Right now, it's sort of like a soft float out of here," said a member of the Senate's Republican majority.
"This is not a rhythm, it's a slow dance to nowhere," said Barbara Bartoletti of the League of Women Voters. "There has not been enough going on that I felt the necessity for me being here every day."
"Getting along well without accomplishing anything is called hanging out," scoffed Sen. Eric Schneiderman, a Bronx Democrat. [AP]
Doesn't bode well for the chances of NYRA finally getting that final agreement either, especially now that the Governor is on the record in questioning the deal.


Anonymous said...

The new governor's feelings about NYRA and the franchise agreement have merit.
The deal is bull from the beginning but had to be done because the other competitors for the franchise were worse.
At least we are familiar with NYRA's arrogant ways and sneaky methods of operation.
Phipps still calls the shots behind the scenes; Duckner and Haywood are the perfect front men; Cook has become part of the team and lives rent free in a house owned by NYRA right on the grounds;
They bought off Jan Ruston's sexual harassment suit v. Cook and she is now there for as long as she wants;
Campo, Phipp's little "godson" is being given more power ever day;
The same few NYRA "rat" trainers are being fed new owners and now control the races;
Coa's wife runs the computer in the secretary's office and decides which races are carded;
They gave the "Greek" control of the backstretch;
The fans still get nothing;
The backstretch help are still being treated as peasants with no say; and
The State is still paying for it all as NYRA just takes money from the Capital Fund whenever they are running low and the front office's salaries have to be paid.
The new NYRA is nothing more than the old NYRA with new faces.
Racino? - another joke. Don't get me started.

Anonymous said...

One of the gov's best friends is Hazel Dukes, the lady that ran the pre Giuliani OTB into the ground.

She is a NYC power broker, and I expect NYC OTB to get whatever they want whenever they want it from the Gov, in all probability at the expense of NYRA and the racing fans.

Anonymous said...

Without going all ballistic about Rons post above, I will just comment that the State would not need to lend anymore money to NYRA if they would get off their butts and actually approve the deal.

The further delay on the VLT's is ludicrous, at this rate every lotto machine in the State will have a VLT machine next to it before the Big A gets the Racino.

As for all the NYRA "bailouts" why no anger at the corporate welfare provide to the local baseball teams?

Racing provides many more jobs and certainly deserves more, not less, capital infusion from the state.

Anonymous said...

Ballistic about Ron's post ?
Ron is right on - sure he has more to say, but why - just falls on deaf ears;
NYRA has always had the the money and the opportunity to become the world's leader in thoroughbred racing both backside and front.
They have never bothered because they never needed to. The fat cats are content and their bellies are full.
Big salaries and benefits for life -

This racino bidding is going to look like the democratic primary before its over. Stay tuned -and OTB - if it were not for greed, the problem could be solved in a matter of hours at one meeting.

El Angelo said...

Prado to ride Casino Drive in the Belmont. His odds of winning just improved greatly.

Anonymous said...

If Dicker's sources are correct, I wonder which NYRA folks knew of the ex-Gov's fondness for the ladies?

Anonymous said...

He is a big enough fan of NYRA to include $250 million in the State budget from a franchise fee for slots and another $250 million from borrowing against future slot revenue.

Outside of passing the budget, the NYRA deal might be the only thing Albany passed all year.

The Gov might have been a bigger racing fan if Slick Rick played the ponies.

Give the man a dunce cap and send him to the corner of the room.