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Monday, September 22, 2008


- Thanks again to the folks at Suffolk Downs for making the Head Chef and I feel most welcome. That was the first time I've ever been there, and I dunno, I know some people used disparaging words to describe it, but I thought it was pretty nice. It was sparkling clean, and the track was well-prepared for the crowd of over 17,000. It reminded me somewhat of a combination of Monmouth and Aqueduct. That's a major compliment in my book.

We had a great weekend in the city; thanks to everyone who wrote in to suggest places to go and to eat. We'd been invited to a post-race party on Saturday, so we didn't make any dinner reservations. But the Head Chef had a cold, and so a nap was in order when we got back to our very much under-construction Holiday Inn near the airport. It was well after 9 by the time we got to the North End, and we saw several of the restaurants that were recommended....with people still waiting outside to get in for the most part. We had a very nice meal, and we're trying to remember what the restaurant on Salem Street was called, I'll have to let you know about that.

But we did follow someone's suggestion and checked out the area in and around Davis Square on Sunday, and had a great greasy breakfast at Rosebud Diner.

And, I'm sure you'll be happy to see that I have just a few photos.

A courtyard at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Glass towers and a construction crane (it's there). Well, that's awfully familiar. Newbury Street seemed familiar too, at least at first, when we were in the more gentrified part that reminded me of Soho with all the high end stores. We liked it better as we walked up towards Fenway.

And this was capped off by a visit to Newbury Comics. Since Tower Records went out of business, we just don't have indie-minded superduper record stores in NYC anymore. And this one actually has......


This photo is actually left over from Saratoga; the poster was hanging in the basement of our rental house. Don't really know what to say about this one.

I've turned the sound of the Jets game off, and it's not because of Kornheiser. We listened to the Pats lose to the Dolphins as we were driving back, and the Head Chef was very excited about Chad Pennington's performance. And now I'm getting a lot of grief tonight..

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Anonymous said...

Did you run into Richard Field or Boston Concessions chief Joe O'Donnell at Suffolk on The Big Day? Sounds like they've been sprucing up the joint - so glad to hear it. They need the VLT's/cum ccasino there to make it work and that is what Richard Field took his flier on. Curious to know which esteemed Beantown dignitary presented the MassCap trophy to Commentator's connections? /S/Green Mtn Punter